Yoyo Dieter? Yoyo Tapper? -by Emma Roberts

Our guest blogger Emma Roberts is based in London, UK and is a full time EFT practitioner and trainer. She is co-founder of The EFT Centre in London with Sue Beer, offering a wide range of EFT trainings from Level 1 – 3 and specialist trainings in the fields of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, Addiction (Healing the Addicted Heart, The Five Stages of Transformation), Cancer (Living with Cancer), Opening to Love, Fertility and Weight Loss.

Emma was the co-organiser of the very successful first EFT Masterclass in London in 2006, gathering a variety of international EFT Masters together to showcase their new work with EFT. The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) invite you to find out more about Emma at http://theeftcentre.com/

Yoyo Dieter? Yoyo Tapper? -by Emma Roberts

Do you only begin to tap when the pounds begin to pile on? Do you use the tapping purely for damage limitation? Do you take the Band Aid approach to the problem? Does it work, or does the yo‐yoing continue?
In order to get consistent permanent results with EFT and weight loss, tapping MUST become part of your daily life in the same way that eating already is. It needs to become as automatic as putting food in your mouth. Whenever you have a quiet moment, use it to tap. You don’t even necessarily need to focus on something specific all the time. In those odd five minutes here and there, just tap, you will be clearing something, at these times you don’t need to know what it is.
Tap on the bus, on the train, in the car, in the bathroom…. Any time when you have time on your hands, literally! If you are embarrassed about tapping in public use Dr David Lake’s continual finger tapping protocol – you can do that anywhere and everywhere – no excuse!
So, if you have any resistance, consciously or unconsciously, begin there. You will know if the resistance is unconscious if your intention to succeed is positive and you find yourself forgetting, or running out of time, or find that there is always something better to do, something which takes priority over the tapping.
Tap as follows: Even though part of me doesn’t want to tap….. Even though it’s too much like hard work…. Even though it feels like one more chore/pressure…. Even though I shouldn’t have to do this… Even though I don’t have time…. Then start with where you are at. Begin by looking at the tail enders to achieving your goal.
•    Does the task ahead seem overwhelming?

•    Have you lost weight before and ended up even heavier?

•    Does it seem impossible? It is important to set a goal which really    attracts you to it. This goal needs to appeal to all your senses. It needs to be a magnet that draws you towards it, irresistibly.
Make it:
See yourself at your goal weight or size. How do you look? What are you wearing? What colours? How clear is that image?
Tap on any blocks to seeing yourself at your goal.
How do people respond to you at your goal weight? What are they saying? What are you saying to yourself?
How do you feel at your goal weight? In yourself? In your clothes? Out of your clothes? How do you feel around food? How does your food taste now? How does it smell?
There are many different ways in which tapping can be applied to weight loss and weight management but the greatest emphasis must be on consciously committing to regular daily tapping.
Other areas to work with include food cravings, limiting belief systems, self image and searching for the underlying emotional drivers to weight gain.

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