Who are the Shift Doctors Tracy Latz MD and Marion Ross PhD?

Setting the Record Straight

Many people get confused when they try to put the ‘Shift Doctors’ Tracy Latz and Marion Ross into a specific category. No other dynamic duo is teaching as many diverse and comprehensive subjects in the realms of modern and ancient healing practices – including optimal wellness, mental health, metaphysics, and alternative medicine. For the past 25 years these two professionals have studied a wealth of modalities and practiced them both personally and professionally with patients, clients and students. What they teach is not based on hearsay – it is based on intensive experience both in the United States and internationally.

The Yin and Yang of It All

Tracy Latz MDDoctors Latz and Ross bring their energies from two different perspectives to their unique teachings. Tracy comes from more of an empathic, intuitive, spiritual, metaphysical, ‘yin’ approach while Marion comes from a more pragmatic, business-oriented, left-brain, physical, ‘yang’ approach. Together they can reach both left- and right-brained individuals. They come together to bring a wealth of edutainment as you learn and laugh – and most importantly access your inner teacher, inner healer, and inner joy.

Prepare to Be Empowered

Marion Ross PhDUnlike many other teachers the “Shift Doctors” WILL expect you to do your work. They will give you the Keys to Shift Your Life but they do not promise to give you miraculous, instant and lasting healing. That is up to you. Many other teachers will carry you through an hour or a day of feel good exercises that allow you to temporarily escape from worries or issues. Tracy and Marion give you tools, meditations, tips, and techniques to teach you to dive deep, confront your fears, and give you various modalities to then release your fear, anger, guilt, shame, resentment. They teach you how to remain centered by helping you create your own daily practices from a menu of modalities that most resonate with you. In essence, they meet you where you are and then show you the door to the dimension of your journey. It is, however, up to you to actually walk through that door. No worries though! They are able to answer your questions and stand by you as you move forward on your journey. 🙂

You can experience Tracy and Marion’s wisdom and Shift Your Life in live seminars (half day or up to 5 day intensive) or online – or feel free to join their Membership Site. Keep up to date on what they are up to next by following their blogposts or by signing up for their newsletters at ShiftYourLife.com. You can also invite the “Shift Doctors” to be a part of your private group or seminar – or book them for your conference – by contacting them at info@ShiftYourLife.com.

The Shift Doctors