What About the Term ‘Lightworker’?

Chuckle.  I recall the first time I heard someone talk about being a ‘Lightworker’ at a meditation group when I was trying to connect with like-minded people.  I was told it was “someone who helped work on the grid around the earth energetically”…. grin…. well then I was REALLY lost!  Smile.  I think different people have different ideas of what the term ‘Lightworker’ means.

What resonates with me is that it is someone who lives more in their heart with compassion for others and hopefully also for themselves (although I have met some who tend to have much more regard for others than they do them self…. another issue to discuss elsewhere perhaps…).  Someone who walks their path connected to their spiritual purpose yet fully present in this physical world…. living more ‘in the world but not of it’ so to speak.

I know in my work as an integrative psychiatrist, holistic healer, medical intuitive, teacher and co-author as well as mother- I walk the world clearly knowing my purpose.  I stay heart-centered even when dealing with people who feel stuck or judged or in emotional or physical crisis.  I am connected to my True Essence and assist others with connecting with theirs.  I went into psychiatry because it is the closest you get to someone’s soul in Western medicine….

Do I mind if someone calls me a ‘Lightworker’ or a ‘healer’ or a compassionate being or a human walking their path or a psych doc who lets her patients talk to her about their voices they hear (spiritual or delusional or imaginary friends or guides or the still small voice within) without judgment or a teacher/seminar leader who empowers others to truly get out of their ‘shadow selves’ and ‘know thyself’?  Heck!  They can call me whatever they want!

It is not about me.  I do not take it personally.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to walk the path with others and share the journey with them.  We both learn from one another no matter where the path leads.

It is all good.  🙂
Loads of Light to you all,
Tracy Latz, MD


  1. I feel, personally, that I’m a ‘Light Worker’. Came across the term about 2 years ago, and it really strick me. The urge the serve, the urge to learn … the sense of mission – this was me.

    I have since morphed the concept into something called ‘The Wanderer’. People from beyond come to planet earth to help.

    Shine Bright!

  2. Wonderful article.

    Yes Lightworkers are all of the above to me.
    I work as a spiritual energy intuitive & consciousness coach (A Light Coach) specialising in guiding Lightworkers on their path of becoming.

    For me it is about who you are, heart-centred, spiritual, intuitive & a big picture ‘knowing’ of the meaning of life & the nature of reality, free from dogma & old paradigms of ego & control.

    The Lightworkers I work with also have a strong sense of mission & purpose so while I focus on the grounding of their ‘being’ (Light) I also guide them creatively & intuitively to find the ‘doing’ that brings them the most joy & satisfaction.

    This time in human evolution is about the being & the doing, we each need to take responsibility for actively & consciously grounding the light. This is the era of the Lightworker.

    Blessings to you all.
    Kimberley x

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