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Wesak Full Moon in May: A Unique Time of Powerful Meditation and Enlightenment

loveThe annual Taurus Wesak Full Moon in May (on May 7th in 2020 at 645 AM exact ET) heralds the Wesak Festival, a pinnacle of spiritual blessing in the world. There is an extraordinary inflow of life and of spiritual invigoration which serves to stimulate the aspiration of all humankind. The intuition of all who seek to serve the good, the beautiful and the true (regardless of their faith, religious or spiritual background) is significantly enhanced by this spiritual blessing.

At Wesak all people of goodwill can unite worldwide in a concentrated invocation to the Buddha, the Christ, and all Enlightened Beings by being still and going within in meditation. This is a time for heartfelt dedication, a time to stand steadily in the Light, and above all, a time to focus with compassion on the needs of our fellow human beings and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces of all avataric beings can be poured through the body of humanity to promote Enightenment for all humans.

A Ceremony in the Himalayas

During the Wesak Full Moon period, the Buddha is said to empower Forces of Enlightenment which seek contact with humanity. At an annual ceremony in a Himalayan valley He returns yearly to bless an assembled gathering of Enlightened Beings, from the Christ, to the most humble disciple. Participants move in a ritual to form sacred geometric patterns on the valley floor, generating a spiritual connection that create an opening for the potent energies the Buddha will bring.IMG_0655

As the exact time of the Wesak full moon approaches, a heightened expectancy and tension spreads throughout those gathered. The moment of His appearance is accompanied by a great Silence, brimming with vitality, creative force, and significance.

One of the greatest services we can render during this high point of the spiritual calendar is to align with the spirit of Silence in the valley of Wesak. We can prepare to hold the inner connection, even when amid the mundane interactions of daily life.

Keeping a sustained inner silence, we stand as a detached observer – observing the flow of thoughts like clouds as they pass through us, while remaining detached from them – as we actively interact with the higher energies released by the Buddha at this special time. Through the silent meditation at the time of the Wesak Full Moon, we put ourselves in touch, not only with the soul, but with the Spirit aspect whose Presence awaits our contact and invocation. Thus we can serve the greater Whole of humanity.

The Buddha’s annual return at the Wesak Festival to bless people everywhere and to convey messages of wisdom, Light and Love is the outer evidence and promise of inner divine guidance and revelation in our present world cycle.

Create Your Own 8 Minute Wesak Meditation Ceremony!

At 6:41 AM ET on May 7, 2020 (at 5 minutes prior to when the exact time of the full moon approaches), enter a silent meditation with the intention of connecting with the Wesak energies. Follow your breath and become the “silent watcher” as you remain in your heart. Experience what occurs and continue in meditation until 6:49 AM ET (after the exact time of the Wesak moon has passed). You may perform this meditation by your self or in a group. You may wish to record or share your experiences.

Sharing A Personal “Shift Doctor” Wesak Meditation Experience

MetaphysicalTracyHeadshotI was curious to take part in the Wesak Full Moon meditation when I first learned of the Wesak Festival years ago. I marked the date on my calendar- but during my busy week, I almost forgot about it completely. I was rushing to my office where I had a packed schedule. As I was parking in the lot behind my office and reached to turn the car off, I noted the time and suddenly realized that the meditation was supposed to begin at that exact moment! So I turned the car off and sat in the car seat with eyes closed and began my meditation.

I immediately saw an image of Buddha… and I started laughing and opened my eyes, assuming that I had wanted the connection so much that I had imagined Buddha standing there. I was feeling pretty silly. But I stopped myself and re-entered my silent meditation with a vow to just observe without attachment. And Buddha reappeared! But this time Christ was standing next to him! They both smiled at me- and then one by one they were joined by Elijah, Abraham, Mohammed, Krishna, Rama, and Kwan Yin. They formed a circle in front of and above me. Then they opened the circle into a horseshoe shape in front of me with me standing in the opening. One at a time they slowly stepped forward to hand me a gift of special significance. Buddha’s gift was a flower garland that he hung around my neck. Abraham’s gift was a burning blue “fire letter” that he held in the palm of his hand until he placed it in mine. Elijah’s gift was a sword of fire that he placed in my heart. Christ’s gift was a specific mudra “to go with your ring” (special message to me). Mohammed’s gift was strength. Krishna’s gift was a beaded crown that he placed on my head. Rama’s gift was beauty. And Kwan Yin’s gift was a bottle of compassion that she handed to me. By now I had tears of joy running down my face and I felt such love from and for these avataric beings. Then they asked me to join them in the circle and we all joined hands. They let me know that they would be back in touch and would be supporting me in all that I do. It felt like this meditation lasted quite a long time – but when I opened my eyes, the whole meditation had only lasted 8 minutes – yet it was one of the most powerfully transforming 8 minutes of my life.

Bright Blessings to you at the Wesak Full Moon – a celebration for spiritual seekers from all paths!

Tracy Latz (“Shift Doctor”)

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    • Hi Susan,
      Perhaps the easiest way would be to gather together some like-minded friends to see if they would like to get together. Another option would be do see if there is a yoga center near you that also holds small meditation groups. If you call to speak to the owner of the studio, then you could inquire as to whether or not they have a Wesak celebration there- if they are not familiar with it, then you can explain the meditation and energetic opening to them- then they may be thrilled to get together a group for that purpose.
      It also appears that there is a meditation gathering (that I found by googling ‘Wesak gathering in los angeles’) in Santa Monica that starts at 5pm – the link to the site I found is
      Happy Wesak!! 🙂

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