We Create Our Day

Is my glass half empty or half full? Have you ever spent the day with someone who has no idea how little he likes or respects himself or how stuck he is being a victim of the world and the masters of the universe who failed him? He doesn’t even perceive that he has a glass at all and if asked would tell you that all its contents have evaporated. A day where you zipped up a lot because you had no choice but to be with him for one reason or another? He is just spending his time anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop and surprise he has had a bad cold which just lingers on and on which he seems to be spreading around…

If you are feeling negative and over stressed remember that you are talking to every cell in your body and as Bruce Lipton so clearly expressed in The Biology of Belief, your cells are responding to those thoughts and expressing them in terms of your health and equilibrium. Rethink your responses. Revamp your perceptions. Be conscious. They are a choice and you are not a victim. Even though you may feel super stressed and that the world is falling apart, monitor your thoughts and change your language by getting into your heart for yourself. You have the tools. (I hope he is reading this.)

When asked something as simple as, “How are you?” you may be: “So stressed out about seeing my family during the holidays” or “I’m so ashamed that I am so behind paying my bills” or “I’m really worried losing my job” or “I’m afraid to tell the kids I can’t afford to …” Remember there are always other “true feelings” as well…and you can choose which ones to focus on and express verbally.
So when a friend or co- worker asks “How are you?” make an effort to choose a new answer that is both positive and a truth, even though you are also aware of your fears. Try filling in the blanks below and focus on your positive feelings:

I’m looking forward to _______________

My kids did really well in school and _______________

I am so happy that

What gave me such relief today was _______________

Make the positive choice and keep your vibration high and you will begin to attract differently. Tomorrow is another day.
Marion Ross & Tracy Latz

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