Tune Up! With 7 Vibrational Self-Healing Course Videos from The Shift Doctors

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) would like to share ancient vibrational self-healing tools and techniques that you can learn to use at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or office. When they have taught this Vibrational Healing Course in person, Dr.’s Latz & Ross have typically charged students $175.00. Many of these students have requested that Marion & Tracy produce videos to help them recall the highlights and important take-home points to rapidly re-balance the chakras and energy bodies (mind, emotions and etheric).

The Shift Doctors are pleased to offer 7 videos to be downloaded individually (at a cost of under $8 per video) addressing each major energy center or chakra in the body. These videos are short (most under 10 minutes), concise, and packed with information and tips regarding use of color, sound (musical note), toning, tuning forks, aromatherapy/essences and essential oils to re-balance and self-heal issues affecting the mind, body, emotions and spirit. These 7 videos together constitute a wonderful basic vibrational medicine/color & sound healing course for under $60 that you can review over and over as well as share with your family.

Here is a quick guide to assist you with choosing videos that might be helpful to you:

1st/Root Chakra: Governs physical issues involving skeleton, tendons/ligaments, bladder, prostate, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet as well as emotional issues of insecurity, instability, and feeling ungrounded among other issues. Click here to buy 1st Chakra video now!

2nd/Spleen Chakra: Governs physical issues of sexual dysfunction, spleen, intestines, ovaries, testes, uterus as well as emotional issues linked with the “inner child”, addiction, sexual promiscuity, guilt, shame, anger, resentment (which can create stress that can affect indirectly the adrenals). Click here to buy 2nd Chakra video now!

3rd/Solar Plexus Chakras: Govern physical issues of kidney, adrenals, pancreas, liver, muscles, stomach and emotional issues of fear, post-traumatic stress, “fight or flight”, anxiety. Click here to buy 3rd Chakra video now!

4th/Heart Chakra: Governs physical issues of heart, hypertension, lower lungs, trachea, respiration, thymus/immunity/breasts (high heart) and emotional issues of heartbreak, disappointment, sadness, depression. Click here to buy 4th Chakra video now!

5th/Throat Chakra: Governs physical issues of throat, thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, tongue, lower jaw, voice, upper lobe of lung and emotional issues involving creative expression (fear of speaking up, speaking up angrily, writer’s block, etc.). Click here to buy 5th Chakra now!

6th/Third Eye Chakra: Governs physical issues of eyes, ears, vision, hearing, nose, sinuses, sense of smell, pineal gland and emotional issues involving intuition, judgment, and the fear of the unknown. Click here to buy 6th Chakra video now!

7th/Crown Chakra: Governs physical issues of the brain cortex, pituitary/hypothalamic axis (the master glands of the endocrine system), cranial hair loss, headaches and emotional issues of spiritual & universal connectivity. Click here to buy 7th Chakra now!

If you want to learn one or several tools to address any of the above issues through use of vibrational medicine, then you may want to download one (or more) of these videos at $7.99 each to try them out. If you want to re-balance your whole body and energy system, then download them all. Why wait to maximize your health? Buy them now for you or your loved ones- it is a great gift of healing for your self or your loved ones. 🙂

Offered with Love, Light & In Resonance,

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D., Mh.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D., Mh.D.)

**The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are available for keynote talks, classes, events or for seminars (1/2 day or up to 2 day) on personal transformation, team-building, motivation, anger management, intuitive development, or collaboration for private groups, conferences, corporations or corporate events. Contact them at info@shiftyourlife.com or find out more about them at www.shiftyourlife.com .

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