Two Tips to Step Into Your Spiritual Power



We have many patients and students asking how they can create more peace in their lives and feel more in control of what seems to be a life full of random events pulling them in one direction or another. Many report that they have tried to connect with their higher power described as God/Source or Universe through a daily dharma of yoga, meditation, tai chi or qigong, walking in nature, etc. and still feel disconnected from their ability to create and to reduce stress in their lives.

Here are 2 tips that we hope will be useful.

Tip 1: Ask Clearly and Consistently

 A basic law of the universe is that we must ASK for what we want. We are often pretty good at asking but not always clear and consistent in our intentions, which is essential. Selfish requests and those that try to create for others don’t usually get answered either. The universe responds best when you are asking for something that creates for your best and highest interests and for the positive influences and interests you can have in assisting others. Bottom line- create your request from the Heart, Be clear and consistent and Imagine it with all you heart, really Feel it as if it has already been accomplished. Then Step into it.

Tip 2: Be The Master of Your Thoughts

When you have a thought it creates a consciousness. It is important to focus and be very clear about what you desire to create in your life because you are always creating whether you are consciously aware, or not. In fact, Every thing that exists is the result of thought and expression.  As we explain in our Bow and Arrow Theory of Creation, your thoughts create your life. The strength of our emotional intention determines how powerfully we draw back our bow to send our thoughts out into the world to manifest. For instance if there is not much power behind the emotion then the arrow will barely fly.  So random thoughts that don’t have much punch are fairly benign. When there is great power behind the emotion (such as anger or I really want to…) then the arrow will fly quickly and can create rapidly and profoundly in our lives. The arrow represents our thought, which directs the intention. The thought will direct how the intention or great emotion will manifest in our life. Know that our strong, reinforced thoughts become very active entities, which go out and attract like energies. What thoughts are you sending out into the ethers to create?  What intentions are you interested in manifesting with your thoughts? Make sure they are very clear and consistent with your goals and desires. Warning, if your subconscious desires outweigh your conscious ones you will self sabotage.

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We wish you well in your inner and outer journey!Tracy & Marion (“The Shift Doctors” a.k.a. Tracy Latz, M.D.,M.S., & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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