How Boredom Can be Transformed into a Good Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

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Transform Boredom into Mindfulness and Awaken Awareness

So, how can boredom be a good jumping off point for a mindfulness practice?

Your perspective is certainly important to your quality of life. Boredom does not serve you. When you perceive that something is boring take a moment to stop and reflect.  Look more deeply into the experience with beginner’s mind, as if you have just dropped in from another planet and are doing this for the first time. Whether it’s washing your hands or taking out the trash, the ordinary can still be ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.  This is the power of mindfulness

Doing mundane tasks are a wonderful opportunity for cultivating mindfulness. The present moment is the only time when we are truly alive. To mindfully be present while washing your hands or doing the dishes allows you to bring purposeful awareness to your moments. Instead of thinking about something that you did in the past or are going to do in the future it allows you to just “be” with what is. One can experiment with just following the breath.

While lying in bed in the morning follow your breath and notice your inhalation and exhalation and just rest in the awareness of lying there breathing, outside of time, even if it is only for a short time. Take note about the thoughts on your mind if you are no longer in touch with your breath or bodily sensations while lying on the bed, and without judgment or criticism, just let that be part of your awareness in the moment. To practice mindfulness one must be kind, gentle and non- judgmental. This practice is very empowering and we have no shortage of moments with which to practice.

Bye-Bye Boredom…. be in the moment! 🙂

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Mindfully Yours,

The Shift Doctors

Marion and Tracy

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