To Twitter or Not to Twitter? Shift My View

I strongly resisted Twitter as I am quite busy with writing and teaching seminars and courses on shifting the obstacles that keep people in fear-based patterns of living rather than in their heart- as well as busy with my ‘day job’ in my full-time integrative psychiatry practice.

However, I began to have the sense that this modality of constant and immediate connectedness could serve a greater and higher purpose of more rapidly transmitting bite-sized information and tips to rapidly assist others with feeling connected and in their heart- a major step toward inner peace that can assist with creating outer peace in our world.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter now as well!


  1. Twitter is a mecca for those who deal with the human psyche. More surprising than the colorful, comical, troubled, intellectual, and crass people you will dance across…Will be the the startling realizations you will discover about yourself. No matter how much you think you have arrived or worked out your rough edges?? Yes, there’s more… Twitter is Alice’s “Looking Glass” it’s the “Red Shoes” in The Wizard Of Oz”

    By and large if you can stay with Twitter long enough to…”get it?” You will be glad you plugged in.

    Be Blessed!

  2. Sasha,
    You are so right! The more I stay with Twitter, the more profound it becomes. Granted there is some spamming here and there, but the core group is truly heartfelt and it does serve as a mirror to help you catch a glimpse of both the shadow character and the bright Light that is within your self. 🙂

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