Tips to Create Change Now: What Coaching Programs Fail To Teach You

Tips to Create Change Now
What’s really preventing you from living a happier and more successful life?
We were inspired to write this, as we noticed that there has often been a missing ingredient in all the coaching programs and motivational conferences we have attended. After listening to a plethora of well known speakers both preach & teach their personal success principles we noticed they were all lacking an important piece of the equation- How to identify and overcome the obstacles that people self -create that get in the way of their own happiness and success.
“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

We are very powerful beings and creators in the negative as well as the positive sense. The fact is we often astound ourselves with our capabilities- of creating both negative as well as positive circumstances resulting in our bewilderment as to how we got into the situation in which we are currently dancing, especially when one is feeling stuck.
So many folks feel like their feet are so cemented to the pavement that they are incapable of moving forward. In this stuck state they then dwell on how miserable and powerless they feel & how much time they are losing by living in a state of frustration, rather than searching for solutions which will allow them to feel capable, successful and satisfied with their lives. They essentially maintain their awareness on every little detail of their life that keeps them stuck rather than focusing on how to move forward. They lack the understanding of the Big picture and can’t stop focusing on their discomfort and pain. The better approach is to ask yourself how you created this situation in the first place and what lessons are meant to be learned from each experience. Until you figure out why situations are happening you are likely to repeat them over and over again. One should place their attention on their goals and intentions, because we create our lives from our point of awareness. Focus your awareness on all the positive aspects of your life, and positive outcomes that you truly wish to create.
When your goals are unclear and you choose to focus on the negative aspects of your life and environment your awareness are more likely to create confusion and chaos. Stay tuned for Tip 1 – The Bow & Arrow Theory of Creation

The Shift Doctors (Marion Ross PhD. & Tracy Latz M.D.)


  1. Great points! I’d like to add that in order to truly free ourselves from negative creation, we need to understand ‘how’ we’re doing it, as well as ‘why’. Until we see ‘how’, we can’t make a different choice. It does take a focus on the negative for a while and many of us need to work with therapists, 12-Step Programs, or with shadow coaches, but once we’ve seen and changed what we were doing before, we’re then free to focus on what we really want.

  2. I really enjoyed your article and think it is so true. I did think that the font and color was difficult to read. I’m over 50 so that might be the problem. However, I enjoyed the content.

    • Glad you liked the article – a little EFT tapping can do wonders for your vision. 🙂 I love my macbook where with a swipe of the hand I can increase or decrease magnification of any webpage 😉

  3. Love your message-Most people don’t realize they are merely actors in their own self written screenplay. Once we can convince them they are writing their own script, true change can emerge. Doubt gets replaced by inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    Kathleen Hagburg
    co-autor of Getting Into The Zone

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