The Way of Virtue: Qigong Master Robert Peng’s newest book!

Out friend and mentor, Robert Peng is releasing his latest book The Way of Virtue: Qigong Meditations to Cultivate Perfect Peace in an Imperfect World.  Find his book on Amazon. We had access early to it and were asked to give a review which we were thrilled to do:

“Masterful!! Robert Peng shares in his new book The Way of Virtue the ancient qigong practices for deepening meditation and energy work (qigong) for both beginners and advanced students. He keeps no secrets from you as he brings you practices that will last a lifetime for cultivating vitality and an inner sanctuary in a chaotic world. Robert never fails to compassionately share his wisdom with the world. Bravo!”

  • Tracy Latz, MD and Marion Ross, PhD, authors of Bye-Bye Self-Sabotage, Drop Your Baggage, Love Your Life