“The Shift Doctors” Shifting Women’s Lives in L.A. County Jail

The “Shift Doctors” (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are returning to L. A. County Jail on February 28, 2011!! They intend to “do the time” with the women of the Women-In-Transition-Support (WITS) program who have expressed a desire to Shift Their Lives as they prepare for release at the end of their period of incarceration. The following is what the Shift Doctors reported from their last class taught at the jail in 2010:

“We taught our one-day (8 hour) Shift your Life® seminar to the Women of WITS (WOW) program at the L.A. County Jail in Los Angeles, California. WOW really does say it all!! What a profound shiftng experience for everyone involved! After experiencing our True Essence meditation (during which each person meets their True Essence, who they truly are, and reclaims gifts and abilities they may have long forgotten), one person in the back of the room yelled out: “How dare you!!” as she raised her arm out and pointed her finger at me with a smiling, tear-stained face and shook her head back and forth. She later read a poem she wrote during one of the breaks about the experience. Essentially, she explained that she had convinced herself that no one cared about her and that she had learned to not care about herself. “How dare you make me cry and make me smile and make me admit that you do care about me and make me start to care about myself!”

It was so powerful to see the women in the room transform over the course of 8 hours- to realize and know that they are lovable, to be given tools and techniques to release guilt and shame, to find a place within of peace and inner strength. I think we were as powerfully touched at times as they were with their shifts in perception and sense of self-worth and ability to feel worthy of being loved. Many of the women in the room were also mothers who were dealing with guilt over leaving behind their children while serving their time in the L.A. County Jail. These women already had requested to be involved in the Women in Transition Support program sponsored by the n-ACTION Family Network which is spear-headed by Kay Coulson. The program was approved to be brought into the L.A. County Jail by Sheriff Bacca in Los Angeles.  This worthy program assists with giving as much support as possible to the women by arranging lectures and seminars in the jail system to boost self-esteem, give tips on job-hunting and transitioning as smoothly as possible back into society, as well as emotional support.

Shift Doctors Tracy Latz and Marion Ross were united with the WITS program through attorney Thomas Mesereau (Michael Jackson’s trial attorney) who felt that the Shift Your Life® teachings of Dr.’s Ross and Latz were a perfect match for the needs of the women incarcerated within the L.A. County Jail system.

The comments of some of the women inmates who participated in the 8 hour seminar were as follows:

Thank you for taking the time out to enlighten us. I hope you will be able to help other women in this situation so they can receive the same blessing“- NS

Thank you for the great inspirational lecture. Im always going to keep your words of advise with me. I can’t wait to read your book completely through“- SS

Thanks you very much. You have made a huge difference in my life! May God bless you  because he had blessed me to be able to have met you!“- PM

Thank you! For the new experience. I was able to find out more about myself and it was something emotional and inspiring. Thanx!“- Anonymous

Thank you! For being a bright shining star in our mostly dark universe!! I will keep and USE the tools you have left. With much respect…“- CC

Thank you for this life empowering experience.“- YR

I thank God for bringing you into my life- Now I too can continue to grow.“- MH

To the whole world you may just be one person but to one person you may just be the whole world! ASANTE SANA (Thanks in Swahili)“- M

I appreciate you all thank you so very much. The universe directed you both my way. I took in every minute of this please continue to touch the world with your much needed positive info. Thank you!“- PM

Thank you so much for showing me how to open up my heart and soul and see my true self. Thank you.“- DL

Thank you so much! I’ve dreamed and longed for a technique to help channel my anger, guilt and shame. Thank you. xo“-SM

Thank you for coming and having a great and very helpful seminar.“- LB

Thank you for teaching of how to be a better person. Thank you for your sweet time and bless you.“- JC

I want to thank you for coming in today. It was a really nice thing for you to do. You did very good help.”- JS

I admire your positive and firm energy. Thank you for the message.“- E

Thank you for the Inspiration and Keys of Wisdom. Keep doing what you do. God bless you.“- WS

Thank you for your time. You have been in ‘Lightning’.“- B

Thank you so much for showing me a better way to live and love myself from today forward. Thank you- God bless!“- Anon

You have a wonderful personality and knowledge and wisdom. May God bless you. Be safe going home.“- AM

I thank you! For coming it did help me alot with my resentment and anger.“- S

Thank you for taking your time to speak with us. You did an awesome job. Continue your job well done.“- S

As we said before…… WOW!! I believe they had just as powerful an impact on us – it was a joy to see the shift they experienced in just one day.

Sending Loads of Love and Light to these women and the many others like them as they continue on their journey…

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D. (a.k.a. The Shift Doctors)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this experience! Thank you for the “space” you are providing for people to shift and see their worthiness! I am convinced that once we “know” and experience our worth, life shifts……..forever! Thanks again!

  2. Awesome! I am so glad the results of the first seminar were so successful. It is so great that you are going back to see the great changes these spirits must be making in their lives as they practice the tools and work through the keys.

    Perhaps you can come back with some tips or suggestions or just words of inspiration from some of the successess who have managed to keep working through the keys through a situation that can be so much more stressful and distracting than situations many of us are in but who still have difficulty at times maintaing our dharmas throughout our “ordinary” day to day journies.

    Love and Light

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