The Shift Doctors Partner With Deepak Chopra To Introduce His Latest Book

When The Shift Doctors ( Tracy Latz M.D. and Marion Ross PhD.) were asked to be sponsors of the launch of Deepak’s new book: The Seven Laws Of Superheros , we happily accepted. Dr. Chopra is a great pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. We are kindred spirits!
“Superheroes have been part of the world’s culture since long before Superman and Spider-Man. In this remarkable book, the insightful Deepak Chopra probes the amazing origin of superheroes dating back to Buddha and Lord Shiva— a reading experience not to be missed.”

Given the volatile state of the world, it is no coincidence that superheroes have captured our imagination like never before. Everywhere you look, superheroes have broken free from their comic book pages and become a dynamic aspect of the culture at large. Superheroes are imbued with magical powers that challenge the laws of space and time, offering us a vision of a world that can change. By exploring the boundaries of energy and awareness, allowing us to better understand ourselves and our potential, superheroes can help us save the planet in a very real way.

From Buddha’s search for truth to Batman’s struggle with his dark side, from Wolverine exposing his greatest fears to Hanuman’s divine gifts of inspiration, New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra with his son Gotham, author and cofounder of Liquid Comics, decode the seven essential laws that govern the realm of superheroes both ancient and modern, cosmic and commercial, and explain their relevance, importance, and perhaps most critically, how to apply them to our daily lives. These seven new transformative laws will help us all uncover greater happiness, courage, balance, creativity, compassion, and purpose in our lives. Each law has the potential to awaken us to our own superpowers and together these laws offer the potential to change our lives and the world around us.

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Loads of Inner Peace, Bliss and Light to you on your journey!

Deepak Chopra with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D.&  Marion Ross PhD).

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