The Shift Doctors Give Tools for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Patients & Survivors

Marion Ross Ph.D. & Tracy Latz M.D.
Marion Ross Ph.D. & Tracy Latz M.D.

Some of you may have noticed that we actually have a space on our site for submitting specific questions for The Shift Doctors to address. What follows is a question recently submitted about breast cancer with our response. When we have a question that we feel might be beneficial for others to see addressed, we often will post it (keeping the author’s name anonymous to protect their privacy) for public viewing to assist others who may have similar issues. Feel free to submit your questions on the “Ask The Docs” page of our website- we do personally respond to questions in a timely manner.

Dear Doctors Tracy & Marion,
I am a 20 year breast and ovarian cancer survivor. I have had 80 radiations and lost my hair three times. Currently I have been in full remission since surgery and chemo for ovarian cancer this last year. As of the last few weeks my blood tumor marker count they call it a CA125 has escalated from an 8 to an 800 to a 2000. I feel good and this count is all that is wrong , my other labs and CT’s are coming back clean.
Any insight on how to deal with these numbers. They alone are a worry. otherwise I am doing ok. I feel any more surgery or chemo will be to much for my system because their are just no records for a survivor in my condition , and I am under full care of a great team of experts. We’re all puzzled.
PS> I do healing work for others as an intuitive consultant and serve the greater good in my community.
Thank You for you time. Appreciate any insight for sure.

We certainly understand your (and your doctors’) concern. It sounds as if you have a very skillful treatment team that fully understands your history, philosophy and desires. As an intuitive and a healer, you likely have a good grasp of the power of our belief in assisting with a state of wellness. When given data that conflicts with your own intuition or that engenders anxiety or fear, it can certainly create self-doubt and fear of developing a diagnosis of a disease process. The CA125 tumor marker is a screening tool only to determine if there might possibly be a need for vigilance. The fact that all other labs and CT scans are normal is a very positive sign that you remain quite healthy. Sometimes issues like this arise to assist us with challenging or testing our own dogma of who we believe we are, what we believe we have learned on our path, or to assist us with connecting more with our True Essence of who we really are. There may be a higher purpose involved that we may not fully understand in the moment but that may be attempting to gain our attention.

Breast cancer is a diagnosis that we see all too frequently in the world today. From a metaphysical standpoint it is tied in with the heart and high heart chakras. A left breast issue may be tied in with issues of a lack of self-nurturance (doing more for others than for one’s own self, putting one’s own needs constantly on the back burner, or lack of consideration at all for self). A right breast issue may be tied in with issues of feeling an inability or inadequacy to give love or nurturance to others. Whenever breast issues arise, we often encourage people to examine whether or not they are out of balance in their giving versus receiving compassion/love to and from self and others. Are you able to both give and receive love freely? Issues of lack of self-love can also manifest as breast issues. Ovarian issues tend to be metaphysically linked to how secure or safe one feels in their role as a woman, wife/female partner or mother (or whether there is some anger, guilt or shame being harbored when viewing one’s feminine role).

While we advocate listening to the advice of your capable medical treatment team, we have found it helpful for many cancer patients and survivors to do the Blood Cleanse Meditation that we offer for free to anyone that opts into our website on our home page. The Blood Cleanse Meditation is a self-healing metaphysical guided meditation that releases energy blocks or issues that might attract lack of wellness and then assists with creating intentional wellness through activating inner vitality of cells and tissues. In addition, we have other self-healing guided meditations that can be purchased or downloaded online for releasing any issues of feeling unlovable, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, abandonment, self-definition, inadequacy, powerlessness, heartache, disappointment, fear of the unknown and lack of self-love (click here for CD or digital download). We have another set of guided meditations and exercises that incorporate mindfulness meditations and metaphysical rebalancing of chakras using ancient color and sound techniques (click here for CD or digital download).

We also highly recommend the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for releasing fear, anger, resentment, guilt or shame over one’s past or current medical dilemma or life circumstances in general. We have a free 12 minute EFT Demonstration Video which is also offered as a free gift when you opt into our website. We discuss EFT extensively in both of our books (Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation and SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life <Kindle version>) and give several example tapping protocols for various issues that tend to get people stuck in negative physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dances. We have many other tools and techniques for self-healing in our books that have assisted our colleagues, patients and students in achieving a state of well-being.

We honor you in your journey and surround you in Loads of Love, Light and Healing. You are not limited by anyone or anything except for your self as you are indeed a being of Light.

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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  1. Hello,

    I had Ovarian Cancer surgery in 2008, followed by chemotheraphy. I feel wonderful and I was in remission. Last month at my 3 month check up my CA125
    went from 16 to 24. My CT scans were normal. I very much believe in the EFT process, however,I don’t seem to know what to say for a set-up statement. If my CA125 drops back down, I don’t want to affirm through my set up statement that I am out of remission, when I may not be. Also, what do you tap for, when trying to clear the (emotional) root cause of the cancer when you don’t know what it is. Would you please give me some recommendations. Thank you.

    • Joyce, in this instance I believe that tapping for the anxiety or fear over the change in the CA125 numbers may be the most appropriate place to start. Something like: “Even though I am so worried about my CA125 numbers going up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself with all of my mixed up feelings“. It is important to tap for your reaction to the news of the number change, whatever that reaction is. Then you can tap into your third eye an affirmation such as “I am the beautiful, healthy, vibrant being that I am meant to be” or “My CA125 numbers are perfect at “. If you have any tail-ender statements that pop into your head like “yeah but….“, then tap for whatever the block is that came up. Hope that is helpful 🙂
      Loads of Love and Light to you, Joyce!

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