The SHIFT Demonstrated! Join us at Shift Charlotte 2014 on the Ides of March

7483004_origShiftYourLifeBrightLogo  We have an experience for you at SHIFT Charlotte 2014!!!

Come join in the fun!!!!

Why did Shift Your Life® choose to be the sole event sponsor for SHIFT Charlotte 2014? On the Ides of March – a date (since the death of Julius Caesar) so cloaked in doom it eventually entered the lexicon as a metaphor for impending catastrophe?

We believe that 2014 will be the greatest opportunity for Shift-ing (personal, physical, emotional, business, spiritual, and global consciousness) that we have seen in decades. SHIFT Charlotte is the largest local Charlotte event (and largest in the region) dedicated solely to health, well being and natural living.  The fact that it is being held on the Ides of March this year to us symbolizes that it is time for the “death” of old constructs that have held many people, groups and communities in stagnant, self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. You will truly find no better time to Shift!

As SHIFT Charlotte 2014 Event Sponsor, we will have our own Shift Your Life® Room with activities and events going on there ALL day on Saturday, March 15th from 9am until 5pm! Both Dr.’s Tracy Latz and Marion Ross will be on site all day with assistants to answer questions, teach, design a T8 program for you, do entreprenuerial coaching, and give mini-seminars throughout the day (on quick tools and tips for Anti-Aging,  Stress Reduction, and Self-Healing using Ancient Energetic Tools to name a few).

We plan to have different stations in our Shift Your Life® Room dedicated to your personal experience:

1. Biophotonic Scanner as seen on the Dr. Oz show – the scanner has been called by Dr. Oz scanner-setup-300x140“The Ultimate Lie Detector” to monitor your antioxidant level, nutritional status, and to see if your supplements/vitamins are being absorbed or are actually working. Here is the youtube link to the Dr. Oz show . We will scan people (takes two minutes) on site and give them immediate results for a $10 scanning fee.
2. Trinfinity8Back again by popular demand! Trinfinity8™ represents a new quantum shift in the emerging science of algorithmic rejuvenation technology. This unique software program was T8-Systemdeveloped as a direct result of information brought back from a near death experience by Dr. Kathy Forti. Trinfinity8 is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature. We will have two Trinfinity8’s on site to allow people a personally customized FREE 15 minute session. There will be a sign-up and first-come, first-served – there was a huge line last year and we had to turn people away.
3. Quantum-Infused OilLife Source has created the next generation of real quantum technology newenergyoilproducts using the latest in scientific research and development. Quantum generators are used to agitate the molecular structure of 100% organic essential oil causing it to go into a state of flux. Once in this state, trained technicians then enrich the essential oil with many therapeutic properties that promote wellness, stamina and increased energy. The effects of the oil lasts for 5 to 7 hours and can be used on days when you feel unbalanced or daily until you have achieved your own inner Shift. Drop by for a FREE energy balancing test & trial of this amazing oil!
4. Earthing – We believe in Earthing and Dr. Latz is on the Earthing Institute Board of Advisors. EarthingManThroughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth. And throughout time, such ordinary contact served as a conduit for transferring the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge underfoot into the body. Modern lifestyle has disconnected us from this primordial charge. Earthing is the landmark discovery that the disconnect may make us more vulnerable to stress and illness. Contact with the Earth appears to uphold the electrical stability of our bodies and serve as a foundation for vitality and health. In an age of rampant chronic inflammation and disease, “grounding” ourselves by reconnecting with the Earth beneath our very feet provides a way back to better health. We will have a drawing to give away a FREE Earthing book ($18.95 value) EVERY HALF HOUR in our room at SHIFT Charlotte.
5. Shift Your Life® Tools – When you are ready to make your Shift, “The Shift Doctors” (Tracy ShiftDoc PanelLatz & Marion Ross) offer you a variety of tools to assist you on your journey. Whether you are a desiring a change in your health, relationship, circumstance or business OR wanting instruction in how to use mindfulness, meditation, or other ancient techniques (qigong, color, sound, toning) for healing or re-balancing self or others, Dr.’s Latz & Ross have created easy-to-use video and print media for your preferred method of learning. We will offer FREE mini-seminars in our room throughout the day to give you quick tools, tips and information on Anti-Aging, Stress Reduction, Self-Healing with the Sound/Your Own Voice and more.

We will have signed copies of our 3 best-selling books available for purchase: SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life , Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation , and Entrepreneurial Alignment: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Business. We will also have our meditation CDs, vibrational healing charts, and self-healing DVDs available on site for purchase. You also might get a quick experience of our Multidimensional Healing – you just never know what we will do in our Shift Your Life® room at SHIFT Charlotte!

We promise that there will be something there for everyone who desires a SHIFT in their life! Join us for the day – to hang out and experience everything we offer from our menu of activities – for one of our mini-seminars to learn easy-to-use tools for transformation – or just for a few minutes to sign up for the drawing to win a free Earthing book!

Together we can transform not only our selves but the world at large! Let’s make this year’s Ides of March one worth remembering for years to come!!

See you at SHIFT Charlotte 2014!  🙂

“The Shift Doctors” (Tracy and Marion)

**The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are available for keynote talks, classes, events or for seminars (1/2 day or up to 2 day) on personal transformation, team-building, motivation, anger management, intuitive development, or collaboration for private groups, conferences, corporations or corporate events. Contact them at or find out more about them at .




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