The “Limit of Heat” Empowerment

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Robert Peng‘s newsletter provides seasonal information from the Chinese calendar as well as giving a simple yet powerful practice called Jieqi Qigong. The transition between Jieqi occurs every two weeks. The universal energies released during the first two hours of the new Jieqi are powerful and auspicious just like the energy surge that follows the start of the New Year. Jieqi Qigong is a practice designed to help us absorb that outpouring of universal Qi energy directly into our spine.

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The “Limit of Heat” Empowerment

On Tuesday August 23rd 2011, the 14th of the 24 yearly seasonal cycles of the Chinese calendar begins. This cycle, Limit of Heat begins at 7:20 AM EDT.
Limit of Heat is the second of six cycles that make up the fall season. The theme of autumn is discernment and objectivity and over the next fifteen days nature will enter a new stage of development and display new characteristics as the year continues to ripen and mature.
The Chinese calendar year is now past the midway point and the basic orientation of life is shifting directions. We are passing the upper limit of heat and light, the two qualities associated with the sun and the sky. The finger of nature is pointing away from Heaven and towards Earth. The first falling leaves hint at this new trend.

Picture yourself on a roller coaster driving upwards. The feeling of rising up through the air is uplifting. It inspires optimism and invincibility. The sky’s the limit! Then the roller coaster slows down, stalls… and gravity tugs down. Imagine the sensation in the pit of your stomach as you feel that shift. That’s the feeling evoked by this seasonal cycle.

Limit of Heat signals the time of the year when the force of gravity becomes dominant. We normally think of gravity as an impersonal force of nature, but the word also suggests a mood of groundedness and practicality. Now is the time to get serious.
During this seasonal cycle summer vacation comes to an end and the school year begins. Kids become more serious. As September rolls around the workplace also begins to buzz with renewed seriousness. This seasonal cycle, summer fun is displaced by the gravitas of autumn. The fanciful days of summer will be back next year but now is the time to favor practical sensibility and down-to-earth realism. For the next six months gravity is king.
By awakening your center of gravity you can harmonize with the seasonal cycle and align you Qi with the Qi of the planet. Your physical “center of gravity” coincides with an “energetic center of gravity” known as the Lower Dantian, an area about the size of your fist located three and a half finger-widths below the navel deep inside the body. This energy center regulates the flow of Qi energy down your legs and into the earth. By activating your Lower Dantian and sinking your Qi you follow the path of the falling leaves and sync energetically with the downward pull of the season.
To activate your Lower Dantian become aware of the pit of your stomach (remember the roller coaster) and imagine a warm tingling sensation glowing there. Then use your breath to “fan” this inner flame.  This is a simple method to “awaken” inner autumn.  
To deepen your connection to the current seasonal cycle and harvest a fresh supply of Cosmic Qi practice the Limit of Heat Empowerment. The empowerment is performed when the sun reaches 150° Longitude (0° Virgo) on August 23rd at 7:20 AM EDT (remember to adjust for the time difference if you live in another time zone). The optimal practice time is between 7:20 – 9:20 AM EDT.
The Limit of Heat seasonal cycle lasts fifteen days until September 7th when the third cycle of autumn begins. Click here for the practice guidelines for the Limit of Heat Empowerment.

Until then, rub your belly and act more serious.
Good Qi,

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