The Lantern Cross at St. Michael’s Church at St. Michael’s Mount

The Shift Doctors traveled to St. Michael’s Mount on the St. Michael’s ley line in August 2010. Below is a short clip showing ‘The Lantern Cross’ on display in the St. Michael’s Mount Church. This beautiful 15th century cross is believed to have been made specially for the Mount where Archangel Michael reportedly appeared to various fisherman.

The Lantern Cross is carved from a single piece of stone and the good condition of the carvings suggests it was kept indoors, perhaps in the Lady Chapel. The West side of the panel shows The Virgin and Child. The North side shows a King (probably Edward the Confessor) who is said to have founded the monastery here before it was given to Mont St. Michel. The East side shows the Crucifixion with Virgin Mary to the left and St. John to right. The South shows an ecclesiast, probably one of the Mount priors.

The interesting thing about the St. Michael’s Mount Church is that there are 4 ley lines that pass through and intersect through the castle and church on The Mount (St. Michael ley line, Mary ley line, Apollo ley line and Athena ley line). Within the church there are 3 high energy/vibration points (one of which is The Lantern Cross itself) that can easily be felt by anyone who is accustomed to feeling energy or is interested in learning. In fact, we initiated several people during our visit to the church who wanted to know what we were doing and were astonished to feel the energy for them selves. It opened up a whole new realm for them – and possibly Shifted Their Life or their perception of the invisible world. 🙂

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend and if you are traveling, safe journeying!

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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