The Importance of Color

Colors balance our chi, triggers emotions and memories, connect us to nature, inspire us, and can even seem to slow down time.
When you look at a sunrise or sunset especially over beautiful blue water it can make your heart sing or bring you to tears. The colors orange, red, blue and purple both separately and in natures unique majestic sequence twice a day inspires joy. Walking in the moonlight is another color experience where the world seems to slow down.

Walk through a lush green forest forest and feel the effect of the color green. As you breathe its essence it fills your soul, increases your connection with love, truth ,hope, new life and the opening to wonder. Green is relaxing and balancing. Notice that hospital use shade of green for walls and scrubs to calm and center patients and staff.

Blue calms stress. It brings the feeling of peace and connection. Look at all the blue pills marketed these days for sleep and anxiety. It is also a color used for self expression and associated with the throat chakra and speaking your truth.

Colors represent different meanings to different cultures and different individuals. Get in touch with the colors that resonate for you and decorate yourself and your environment with them to better your life. Choose clothing and accessories that make you feel safer, more vibrant and more powerful.

Marion Ross & Tracy Latz (The Shift Doctors)

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  1. Beautiful post! I love being reminded of the power and healing energy of color! Thank you! Love and Soul Magic, Mia

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