The “Cold Dew” Qigong Empowerment

This article is from Robert Peng’s latest newsletter. Robert is an extraordinary Qigong Master and the author of the book “Qigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings”, which we have reviewed on this website and highly recommend, as well as his CD’s and DVD’s. We believe so much in his heartfelt teachings that we have recently just completed his intensive 3 month 12 Cycle Yang Qigong course.

Robert Peng‘s newsletter provides seasonal information from the Chinese calendar as well as giving a simple yet powerful practice called Jieqi Qigong. The transition between Jieqi occurs every two weeks. The universal energies released during the first two hours of the new Jieqi are powerful and auspicious just like the energy surge that follows the start of the New Year. Jieqi Qigong is a practice designed to help us absorb that outpouring of universal Qi energy directly into our spine.

Sign up for Robert’s newsletter and receive free video instruction for Jieqi qigong and find out about his qigong courses, books, and other teaching material at: . The following is directly from Robert Peng’s most recent newsletter and is in his own words:

The “Cold Dew” Empowerment

On Saturday October 8th, 2011, the 17th of the 24 yearly seasonal cycles of the Chinese solar calendar begins. This cycle, Cold Dew, begins at 11:19 AM EDT.
Cold Dew is the fifth of the six cycles of the fall season. The theme of autumn is discernment and refinement and over the next fifteen days nature will enter a new stage of development and reveal distinct characteristics as she ripens and matures.

The Chinese name for this seasonal cycle is “Hanlu.” “Han” means cold and “lu” means dew. We are now reaching the stage of late autumn when we transition from “cool” weather to the first stage “cold” as witnessed by the chilly morning dew.
There is a popular saying in Guangdong province, “Three mornings after the day of Cold Dew, bridges are needed to cross the river.”  In early autumn the ground is still warm like a stovetop recently turned off. But gradually the temperature drops as the autumn chill penetrates the earth. During the next cycle and for the next six months water will be too cold to swim across and the ground will be too cold to walk on barefoot.

In Chinese culture we refer to Cold Qi as “Han Qi.” During Cold Dew, Han Qi is prevalent and we become increasingly susceptible to catching a cold. During early autumn, while the ground is still warm, you can still wear t-shirts and light weight summer clothes comfortably. But Cold Dew signals the time has come to change your wardrobe. Switch from cotton to light wool, especially your socks to protect your feet from Han Qi and do not wear short skirts.
The vertebra knows as C7—known is Chinese as “Big Bone”— is especially vulnerable to an invasion of Han Qi. If you go for a walk and feel the cold air penetrate your neck, rub the vertebra vigorously until it feels hot. This is a simplest cold remedy. If you don’t catch the Han Qi right away the cold energy will spread to your lungs. If that happens take a hot shower and point the stream of water directly on C7 for five to ten minutes. The warm water will “neutralize” the cold. Then get some sleep to let your Qi energies rebalance internally.

If you live in a temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere avoid air conditioning after Cold Dew. Concentrated blasts of cold air during this season will weaken your internal organs. Don’t eat cold foods or put ice in your drinks. Instead, drink soup and warm water or tea. Sipping warm liquids throughout the day helps ensure a cold-free season. Your internal organs will thank you for taking good care of them.
Practicing the Cold Dew Empowerment will boost your immune system by vitalizing your neck and strengthening your internal  organs. The empowerment is practiced when the sun reaches 195° Longitude (15° Libra) on October 8th. The optimal practice time is between 11:19 AM – 1:19 PM EDT (remember to adjust for the time difference if you live in another time zone).

The Cold Dew seasonal cycle lasts until Sunday October 23rd at 2.30 PM when the sixth and final cycle of autumn begins. Until then keep your neck and feet warm and remember not to swim across the river on your way to work. Take the bridge.
Good Qi,
Robert Peng with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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