The Allopathic Vs. Holistic Medicine Debate

I had a friend on Facebook send me the following comment and Link:
‘Time Magazine regards all “alternative” healing to be “faith healing” Mainstream media gets it wrong again.’

My reply was as follows:

‘I am an integrative psychiatrist, holistic healer, Reiki master, color and sound therapist and co-author of 3 books and 2 meditation CDs aimed at getting people into their hearts and transforming for personal (and global) healing at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

I was trained at a traditional medical school (Wake Forest University) after receiving a masters degree in biology/immunobiology (from Georgetown University).  After practicing traditional psychiatric medicine for 5 years, I was also trained in ancient healing modalities and holistic healing at an Ancient Mystery School (Delphi University), certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Level I and Level II training in Medical Qigong, and certified as a Bach Flower Essence practitioner. I continue to study holistic healing modalities.

I truly take a holistic approach and believe that there is a place for every modality that we have available to us- both modern and ancient techniques and approaches to healing.  I do believe that people are beginning to return to some of the more ancient practices of healing…. but I do believe every one of us would be racing to the ER at our local hospital if we were in the throes of acute appendicitis…. and I certainly have no qualms of putting someone on antidepressant medication if they are so severely depressed or anxious that they cannot even focus or concentrate well enough to benefit from alternative approaches to healing.

We have to work in the realm of each person’s “dogma”– if a person is not even able to imagine that a certain approach is going to be helpful to them or if an approach is going to frighten them, then I am not likely to use that approach.  I do believe that consciousness is SHIFTing in the realm of healing as well as in almost every other section of our civilization…. we sometimes have to have patience as the Bringers of Light to the situation.

The only true power is Love… and we each have an unending capacity to love if we get into our hearts… and it is in our hearts that healing first occurs.’

Loads of Love & Light to you all,
Tracy Latz, M.D.,M.S.,Mh.D.
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