Teaching the Zip Up in Sardinia

These photos are from our Energy Medicine seminar in Carlo Forte, Sardinia. The technique which everyone was most excited about is called the Zip Up and it it part of the Basic Energy Routine which was taught to the Shift Doctors by Donna Eden. Zipping up basically helps us maintain our good energy, raise our positive and confident feelings about ourselves and protect us from the negative vibes of those around us. Before going to work or school it is an essential tool to use.

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We have a meridian ( a flow of energy) which is used for hypnosis and connects energies through our chakras and into our core. This is called central meridian, which runs from the top of the pubic bone to the bottom of the lip. We can imagine it as a zipper. When we trace it with our hand we are not as vulnerable or affected by other people’s energy.

To trace: With the palm of one hand raise your hand (either touching the body or a few inches out) from the pubic bone up the mid line of the body to the bottom of your lip. At the level of your lip twist your hand as if  it were a key and imagine that you are locking in all your good energy.
We also use the zip up to lock in affirmations and visualize performance. I zip when I play golf and it really helps me to shape my shots and putts.

The Shift Doctors are available to teach a seminar for your group or gathering.
Here is a video of : The Zip Up

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