The Tao and Honoring the Power of the Divine Female Within Us All

“Without the tao, kindness and compassion are replaced by law and justice; Faith and trust are supplanted by ritual and ceremony.” -Lao Zi (老子)

The Divine Female – Entura Art by Patricia Hayes

The ‘tao’ is really the ultimate manifestation of ‘all that is unseen’, the ‘yin’ or the ‘Divine Female’. We have entered an era where Divine Female energies are rising to balance out and interact more in concert with the previously predominant Divine Male energies. The world becomes energetically out of equilibrium when feminine energies are suppressed or seen as “less than” the masculine counterparts.

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us since our soul or True Essence is neither male nor female. We just happen to be living in a world of duality where we are animating bodies that exist in male or female form when we are born here. Our own inner Divine Male and inner Divine Female could use a little couple counseling as there have been on-going issues with their love relationship.

Male energies historically are believed to have the attributes related to being strong, courageous, intellectual, analytical, and categorizing or divisive. Divine male creates daily withe the same repetitive intensity, like the light of the sun.

Feminine energies in myth and folklore are described as alternately either highly destructive or extremely intuitive, creative, beautiful and compassionate. Feminine energies are involved in involution of old thoughts and creations to make the way for new ones. Just as the light of the moon shines in phases, so does the creative energy of the Divine Female. During New Moon phase it appears that not much is happening; but during that time is the great in-breath and introspection in preparation for the next wave of creation that reaches it’s peak during the light of the Full Moon. Thus, Divine Female creates in waves and cycles.

A world in balance allows Divine Female and Divine Male energies to work in concert; allowing the waves of intuitive creation to compassionately flow with strength and courage to create our lives and a world where peace, beauty in nature, and creative endeavors such as art and harmonious music can flourish.

‘Viva la difference’ of the two forms of creation that we have access to – but may we allow our inner Divine Male and our inner Divine Female to honor and recognize the gifts that each bring to our lives and the world. Let there be mutual respectful peace between the two and a marriage of a Divine nature where we find inner peace and joy to create in more wonderful ways on this beautiful blue planet that is so kind and unconditionally loving to loans us these bodies to animate.

Peace, and dance in both the Light of the Sun and of the Moon. 🙂

“Shift Doctor” Tracy Latz, MD, MS, MHD

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