Structured Healthy Water: What’s in Your Faucet?

Now, more than ever we should all be concerned about the vibrational frequency of our water. In some parts of the world human beings are now becoming walking, talking carriers of diseases, thanks to poor sanitation and undrinkable (low vibrational) water. Clearly this is a major health issue that affects us all. Simply stated; living, structured water creates better health. Therefore it is absolutely essential to keep water alive and vital.


We first met Ralph Suddath  inventor and CEO of Vortronix, when he was making a presentation about: how and why water is a major contributor to the state of our health and what we are drinking out of the tap. He was giving his personal solutions to one of the most dire problems we face at present on our planet. This presentation was at the Tesla Extraordinary Technology Conference in New Mexico. After his presentation was completed, he was swarmed by some of the finest scientists in the country – all rushing to buy his water units before they sold out. We were lucky to get a few for ourselves and have both been using his technology for almost a year with wonderful results.



Structured Healthy Water: What’s in Your Faucet?

by The Shift Doctors and Ralph Suddath

Do you feel more vibrant when you are allowed freedom of movement or when you are herded in a long queue in the TSA security line at the airport, moving in stops and starts?

Just like humans, water loses its zest and vitality when it stagnates. It needs to flow and naturally spiral to remain vibrant. Imagine water flowing down rocks and sediment as it travels down a mountain stream. Faced with a rock in its path, the forward motion may be hindered, but it finds a way to just swirl around it, forming a spiral. This is one of the ways that nature gathers energy and life force. Water moving from the top of a mountain to the bottom becomes energized, vitalized and alive. Water has a unique molecular structure when moved through the spin of a spiraling vortex. Such vortices cause their molecules to become organized into their most energy efficient geometry- that of a living crystal in hexagonal form. Crystalline water is really in an interconnected OH4 tetrahedron form – resembling the form of quartz crystal which is a network of interconnected SiO4 tetrahedron.

If, however, water is confined and forced through straight pipes (such as water pipelines or sewer lines in our big cities), it loses energy as well as its natural vibrant frequency or structure. It is the frequency or structure of healthy water that assists our own cells to remain healthy and infused with vitality when we ingest it.

Oh, and another interesting thing water has in common with humans is that water too has memory! According to the studies of Jacques Benveniste, Del Giuduce, E. Tedeschi and many other distinguished scientists, ALL of water’s experiences and influences (physical, chemical, and – yes- even thoughts it’s been exposed to) are stored in its structure and frequency. There is great power in harnessing the ability of water to ‘remember’ frequencies of its experiences. Water can be used as medicine!! This, in fact, is the basis of how and why homeopathic remedies such as gem elixirs and Bach Flower Essences work; by transmitting etheric frequencies of minerals or flowers/trees via water to our bodies. Water was intended to carry the vibrations of Source and the Earth energies (which are necessary) to us so that we may remain balanced and in harmony.

It is important to be aware that healthy DNA is surrounded by liquid crystalline water. This water is responsible for DNA’s stability and supports the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. However, as water loses its crystalline structure, it can compromise the integrity of DNA in cells. Youthful DNA surrounded by crystalline water has a much stronger electromagnetic field than the DNA from older individuals.

So, assuming most of us are not drinking water out of a spring at the bottom of the highest mountain peak, what exactly ARE we drinking when we turn on our faucet and fill our glass with water? And what has been added to that water as it has passed through our bodies, been exposed to our chemicals and medicines for our bodies and lawns, and then been recycled through our ‘modern day’ water treatment systems?

Let’s review the timeline that led up to today’s water treatment systems while we are on the subject. Around 1860 the debate began between Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory (specific bacteria causes a specific disease) and Antoine Bechamp’s Terrain Theory (it was the environment and NOT the bacteria itself that caused the disease; i.e., bacteria and viruses are attracted to a specific vibrational environment, frequency or terrain). Pasteur’s theory won out and set the basis for modern Western medicine.

Had we followed the Law of Attraction theory proposed by Bechamp, perhaps there would have been an investigation into the frequencies of various water supplies much sooner than present time. Instead, based on Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease, water treatment began to regularly use chlorination to kill off bacteria found in water supplies.

For more than 100 years chlorination has played a critical role in protecting the worlds drinking water supply. However, recently we have learned that there are consequences to chronic use of chemical sanitizers like chlorine. We now know that chlorination triggers what is called the “microzyma evolution”, creating more resistant strains of bacteria. It has also been determined that some natural organic substances can react negatively when exposed to chlorinated tap water, forming dangerous compounds known as MX, which stands for “Unknown Mutagen” similar to the already well-known and more easily detected cancer causing THMs (trihalomethanes).

Of even more ironic concern, chlorine is a major culprit in damaging the physical properties (crystalline structure) of water. When you dismantle the crystalline structure of water you strip its life force energy. If we reconsider the Terrain Theory of Bechamp, perhaps chlorine actually causes the lack of dissolved oxygen, acidic pH, and the optimal growth medium for bacteria overgrowth, viruses, and parasites.

Nowadays water treatment needs to urgently address the concerns regarding our daily use of multiple chemical substances that are turning up in our lakes and rivers, which eventually lead back into our municipal water supplies. Even if we remove the contaminants, the memory of their frequencies remain encoded in the water.

Pouring more and more chemicals into our water sources in an effort to clean our water is no longer an intelligent solution. We need to incorporate water treatment methods that raise the vibrational frequency of water so that it no longer contributes to an unhealthy balance of bacteria.

The Solution

Most people have no idea that the quality of water is directly proportional to the quality of their lives. Now, more than ever we should all be concerned about the vibrational frequency of our water. In some parts of the world human beings are now becoming walking, talking carriers of diseases, thanks to poor sanitation and undrinkable (low vibrational) water. Clearly this is a major health issue that affects us all. Simply stated; living, structured water creates better health. Therefore it is absolutely essential to keep water alive and vital.

We need a paradigm shift in how we perceive and care for this precious resource, which is the foundation of all of our lives. The water pollution challenges we face today around the world must be met with a non-toxic approach. By implementing technologies that have subtle electromagnetic influences on water, it is possible not only to erase information from harmful substances, but also to induce positive frequencies into the water. There is a way to treat the problem of polluted and de-vitalized water intelligently, and it is actually quite easy and costs only a fraction of what our traditional water treatment methods cost.

Vortex Frequency Resonance (VFR) is an emerging technology based on natural principles that should one day take the place of our current chemical water treatment methods. It is essential that we induce beneficial frequencies back into the water, which will lead both to a healthier population and environment. We need the implementation of water purification technologies based on natural principles to replace our current chemical water treatment methods.

Years of research went into the development of this state of the art water conditioning system. It is the culmination of an integrative approach that combines the vortex, water’s interactions with magnetism, and the ability to program frequency patterns into water. When it comes to water nature has shown us that you regenerate water by swirling and coiling it in its characteristic spiral motion where it undergoes an electromagnetic energy transformation and regains its homeostasis and life-giving power.

With the projected demand for water far exceeding the availability of freshwater resources, the world’s population will be turning to alternative technology like the VFR System to process their polluted water to standards that are actually beneficial for human consumption.

Future generations would undoubtedly thank us for our efforts in preserving and restoring the thing most dear to us our water supply.

If you are interested in purchasing a VFR water unit for your home, farm, or factory please contact us at:  Tracy and Marion both use Ralph’s patented system in our homes and so do many of our friends, patients and colleagues, with wonderful results. If you are interested in having this system for your pool check out this video:

In high vibration hydration,

Ralph Suddath with ‘The Shift Doctors‘ (Tracy Latz & Marion Ross)


Ralph Suddath is a research scientist and inventor of the Vortex Frequency Resonance System. This technology was born out of the combined research of Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, John Keeley, Walter Russell and most importantly Viktor Shauberger. It was their discoveries, insights and inventions that made this technology possible.

Dr.’s Ross & Latz both have their doctorates in holistic healing, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Latz is a cell biologist and board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Ross is a Rohun doctorate and a transpersonal psychologist. Together they have written 3 books (one a #1 bestseller on Amazon), taught at national and international professional conferences, produced 70 YouTube instructional videos, meditation CD’s and instructional DVD’s. They are both certified in intuitive development, hypnotherapy, medical qigong, crystal healing, mind-body medicine, homeopathy and energy medicine from accredited programs. Visit or opt into their website at to read free articles, listen to free meditations and to receive updates on their classes or events. Contact “The Shift Doctors” at to have them teach or present to your conference, private gathering or group.







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