Steve Nelson’s Mythic Times: The Candlemas Hora, Forecasting the Year, Cosmic Overview

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are thrilled to have our good friend and guest blogger Steve Nelson return to share his wisdom on The Candlemas Hora, Forecasting the Year 2011, and the Cosmic Overview. Prepare to be amazed! Steve is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. He was raised by a part Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Molly Runningwolf, the mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Steve’s Indian name is Steven Red Wolf, his lineage is of the wolf clan, one of the 7 tribal groups of the Cherokee. Steve follows many of the Cherokee traditions especially as these relate to celebrations, the use of ritual fire and star lore. For more information about Steve Nelson see

Mythic Times: The Candlemas Hora, Forecasting the Year, Cosmic Overview

By the light of candles three
Golden flames reveal to me

A path, a sign, an omen fair,
To guide me to my destiny.

The Candlemas/Imbolc Cross-Quarter Hora Feb 3-18

The pagan festival Imbolc is generally celebrated on Feb 1 and Candlemas, on Feb 2. Both celebrations are intended to mark the winter “cross-quarter” when the Sun crosses the midpoint of Aquarius half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

This year the limb of the Sun crosses the seasonal midpoint on Feb 3 at about 5:30 pm est (10:30 pm gmt) and it will occupy the midpoint Aquarius zodiacal degree for about the next 36 hours. The center or heart of the Sun enters this degree at exactly 11:33 pm est (4:33 am gmt). This Mid-Aquarius “power gate” begins the Candlemas Hora, a 15-day period from Feb 3 to 18 when the nature of the New Year becomes illuminated and the vital energies of Nature stir to life.

Our 24 hour day includes 8 “canonical” hours ideal for prayer, for meditation and new beginnings. In turn, the year is divided into 24 horae (or half signs) and 8 of these are canonical horae including Feb 3-18. Canonical hours and canonical horae are fortunate times for initiating many kinds of activity. During these times we have more free will to create and re-create our world.

Each canonical hora has a unique magic that expresses the power of its inception: the equinox, solstice or cross-quarter when it begins.

The qualities of the 24 horae are represented by the 24 runes in their classic Elder Futharck sequence beginning with Aries. In this sequence the Candlemas/Imbolc Hora is appropriately Inguz, the Fertility rune. Imbolc is Gaelic and it means “in the belly,” this festival marks the first stirrings of Spring in the womb of Mother Earth. The energetic qualities of Candlemas/Imbolc – purification, prediction, quickening of life force – extend over a 2 week period. This is why Winter Carnival is celebrated now, it’s time to awaken the vital forces that power creation in Spring.

The midpoint elemental power gates are identified with the aces in Tarot and Mid-Aquarius is the Ace of Swords. Aquarius focuses the element of air (the mind, new ideas, communications, discernment, global networking) to be distributed in Spring, the season of the air element. Since winter itself is the season of the water element, the Ace of Swords here symbolizes the gleaming sword of destiny given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. This is the sword of truth empowering us to discern the right way forward. This sword of our own essential knowing responds to the needs of the world and guides us to realize our true place in the world. And it is truly hard to imagine a more powerful instrument for discernment, decision and action than this one being forged as Mars conjuncts the Sun at the exact midpoint of Aquarius. Right now I’m feeling very thankful for this Great Blizzard of 2011 and the many home fires burning at this Candlemas turning of the year. What a wonderful way to temper the sword of inner truth. The next two weeks will bring new light of understanding and clear direction forward on our creative journey in this very special year.

Candlemas, Carnival and Chinese New Year (White Rabbit!)

Candlemas is a festival of purification and it brings a dramatic awakening of vital energies. Now we begin to turn outward, opening into new life as the spirit of Winter Carnival rises within us. It’s time to frolic, to dance and become as a child again. In fact each of us is a child of the New Year coming to be. Every cycle has 8 phases and 8 energy shift times that are key to creation and re-creation. These 8 turning times in the year mark the key festivals of the Celts and the Druids. The Druids were masters of celebration and they developed a sophisticated system of natural energy engineering by living in harmony with natural rhythms.

A lunar cycle seeded at the New Moon becomes conscious and viable when the Crescent appears. The New Year seeded at Winter Solstice comes to consciousness during the Imbolc / Candlemas Winter Cross-Quarter Hora (Feb 3-18). The emerging New Year spirit is quickened to consciousness through Candlemas fire, Chinese New Year (2/3/11) and Carnival (until 3/8/11) celebrations.

Candlemas is a festival of purification and the purifying elements are water and fire. Water purifies emotional nature, fire purifies the mental body. Fire gazing clears shadows from the mind. Perhaps the most powerfully purifying form of water is a snow flake. Areas of the world now blanketed by snow are receiving a special Candlemas blessing.

Carnival is the season to awaken the dragon that will be tamed during Lent. The bigger the dragon awakened and trained to purpose the more creative energy is available for the New Year. Traditionally lovers are chosen on Valentine’s Day because it’s thought to be easier to awaken and tame dragons in twos. This is debatable and may depend on the individual. In any case, the techniques for awakening and taming dragons are pretty much the same for individuals as for dyads.

Many celebrate Carnival and avoid Lent, others observe Lent but ignore Carnival. In general, those who ignore Carnival are given to more emotional repression while those who do Carnival but avoid Lent are more subject to obsession. Ideally both Carnival and Lent are given their due so the vital force (symbolized by serpent or dragon) can be stirred to life and then integrated for the new creation.

Carnival and Lent are important pagan fertility rites partially inherited by the Catholics. For example, placing ashes on the forehead at the beginning of Lent was an Anglo-Saxon shamanic practice performed about 2 weeks before Spring Equinox. The purpose of the ashes (think carbon rings charged with solar energy) is to stimulate the brow chakra and draw up the spine the primal energy awakened during winter carnival.

Mention should be made here about the timing of Easter and Lent because this year we have two options. Easter is traditionally the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. This year a Full Moon occurs the day before Spring Equinox and, since its influence extends more than a day, this Full Moon may be considered the first of Spring. If so, the following Sunday Mar 27 would be Easter and Lent would be on Wednesday Feb 9, a month earlier than the Mar 9 date listed on the calendar. This may be significant because this is an important year for creating anew. This creative process involves choices and it’s good to consider our options. Those who feel their primal dragon already well awakened might opt for an early lenten season to get a head start on Spring and those who are feeling more inhibited and low in energy may just need to party more.

For more information about the celebration of Carnival, Lent and Dragon Training visit this site:

The Chinese New Year, beginning on Feb 3 also signals an awakening of vital forces and this is symbolized by dragons dancing in the street. Notice too that the dragon is chasing (or is led by) a bouncing ball suggestive of dragon training or focusing on a goal. When does a year really begin? Different cultures celebrate New Year at different times because the year begins on several levels. The Lunar New Year celebrated in China adds the vital emotional dimension. Each lunar year is symbolized by an animal, element and color. 2011 is a yin metal, Silver or White Rabbit. Following the wild year of the Tiger, the Rabbit year is always gladly welcomed: “I am in tune with the pulse of the universe; in my quiet and solitude I hear the melodies of the soul. I am the Rabbit.” -Theodora Lau

The Chinese New Year celebration culminates with the Lantern Festival on the Feb 18 Full Moon.

Keynotes for Candlemas / Imbolc and the Mid-Aquarius Hora Feb 3-18

1. Candlemas is one of 8 fire festivals celebrated at the equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter days. Candlemas fires quicken the new life that was seeded at Winter Solstice.

2. Blessings and vision come through Candlemas and the Mid-Aquarius Hora Feb 3-18. Whatever is seeded now will flourish in Spring.

3. Candlemas, also known as “Ground Hog’s Day,” grows out of the pagan festival Imbolc. This is a time for prognostication through watching animal signs, especially birds and burrowing creatures. Events of Feb 3-18 portend what will be in the spring season.

4. February comes from the Latin februa, “to purify.” Shadow fears and phantasms come up now to be transformed. Candlemas traditions tell how to clear astral shadows and dispel illusions that may obscure our way forward. Fire is key to this clearing whether through simple candle gazing or dancing around a “bonfire bright.” The Irish summon Brigid, the goddess of fire to chase away winter.

5. Other methods for purification include smudging with sage, clockwise movement, magnesium salt baths, deep breathing, free form dance, stretching exercise and drinking lots of good water.

6. Brigid, the Celtic guardian of the home fire and goddess of wells and springs, is honored at Imbolc. Blessings can be received at sources of fresh water; these are the gates of Gaia, channels for the vital healing power of the Earth spirit. Fresh water sources can purify and heal heart, mind, body and soul. A water filled silver bowl replicates the well or spring of Brigid.

7. The lights of Candlemas also symbolize Ceres torch-lit search for her daughter Persephone. The rediscovery of Persephone is the first glimmer of conscious light in the dark of winter. Now the nature of the new cycle can be gleaned, visions of the future can be seen.

The Mysteries of Persephone are celebrated February 1-3 in the Greek mystery tradition. Persephone returns from the underworld  with her torch bearing mother Demeter (America’s Liberty). Demeter and Persephone reunited bring blessings to the world. Cairleach, the Celtic crone of winter now gives way to Bride/Persephone, the rejuvenated/rejuvenating goddess of the new cycle. Persephone presides over the death, rebirth and healing of the king – and the coming forth of the true king – in this cycle. The feeling need for a true king or world champion is a collective invocation of womankind in this time. In her quiet and solitude she invokes the return.

The Candlemas Purification of Mary is the clearing of Earthly consciousness for the reception of Divine light. Candles are blessed to protect from lightning and other natural disasters. Mary mediates forces of the natural world including lightning. In her Magdalene form, she is Mary of the Tower. Psychic lightning bolts are invoked in this time to clear shadow patterns from the psychic astral world.

What was conceived in the unconscious at Winter Solstice becomes illuminated as we, like the groundhog, come out of our winter homes to stand in the light of a new creation. All the world comes round right as the shadows of winter night give way to this new light.

“Held to mark the ‘quickening of the year,’ the theme of lighting fires to call back the Sun from its winter retreat has been consistent in all the incarnations of this festival. Imbolc falls in the Druid tree month Rowan, or ‘quickbeam.

On Candlemas, candles are lighted and bonfires burn outside, echoing the great ritual fires lit by Druids on this night. In wooing back the Sun we are also starting fresh both outwardly and inwardly. As the glow of fire illuminates the darkness and the Sun brings back warmth and richness of the Earth, we lighten the load of external burdens and inner attachments, looking deep into our own darkness to discover new light.” ~ Victoria Williams, Ritual Fire and Feasting
In ancient Greece the Mysteries of Persephone celebrated at this cross-quarter were preparatory for the autumn Mysteries of Eleusis. Persephone is accompanied by serpents and their appearance in nature (or in dream) portends her emergence. Long before the groundhog came to represent this time the Celtic people looked for serpent signs.

The snake emerging in the natural world parallels a force rising within which, when trained and focused to purpose, can work miracles. The serpent is the kundalini which when raised rejuvenates life. The stirring of new life is the rising of primal energy for a new creation. Training this energy is the purpose of the season’s ritual celebrations.

Candlemas Ritual for Scrying the Future, Forecasting the Year

The future doesn’t just happen to us, we create the future given the energetic resources and understanding we have available to us. What will become is only partly determined by destiny defined by the laws and cycles of nature, it is in large part a function of human free will. A key principle of esoteric science is that the better we know and live in accord with natural cycles the more free we can be to express our self and shape our own future. In the words of pioneering scientist Francis Bacon, “Nature is commanded by obeying her.”

Every cycle has 8 key pivotal points or turning points when what is to unfold can more readily be predicted and determined. During these times human free will is augmented. Particularly effective for initiating change are the midpoints of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These fixed sign midpoints focus elemental energies and shape what will be in the following season.

The Candlemas/Imbolc ritual that follows can effectively be done any time between Feb 3 and Feb 18 when the Candlemas Hora ends. This scrying ceremony might also be repeated in this time until the future forecast is clear and what is to be is envisioned satisfactorily.

Forecasting is both a passive predicting of influences and an active envisioning and shaping of what is to be. The more dynamic form of forecasting is beautifully illustrated in the Wendy Andrew painting above. The waters pouring from her Aquarian urn flow to the banner “Heralding the Spring.” Herald means to announce, it also means to empower. This is our time to empower the future we choose to be.

This Candlemas ritual is simple and can be fun for children of all ages. First set up the center: Place a small (ideally silver) bowl filled with water in the middle of your celebration space. This bowl is best supported by a tripod in keeping with oracular tradition and the practice of Nostradamus. Place in the bowl 3 small rounded gems or stones perhaps from a creek, river, beach or rock shop, rounded is key. Then arrange 3 tall taper candles to form an equilateral triangle around the bowl. Finally, around the candles and bowl wind (clockwise/Sunwise) small vines or other greenery found sprouting out of the ground at this time of year. Use vervain if you can find it, this is an herb traditionally used in this celebration. It’s purpose is purify and protect against ill influences. Dried herb will do.

As to timing, this ceremony is most effective when done in a night time canonical hour: the hour beginning with Sunset, the Midevening Hour (starting halfway between Sunset and True Midnight) or True Midnight (starting halfway between Sunset and Sunrise). The hour half way between True Midnight and Sunrise is also good if you’re an early riser. This hour is like the Candlemas hora in the year.

Now to the ritual: Light the 3 candles moving clockwise (aka Sunwise) and then walk or dance clockwise/Sunwise around the center.

Chanting or singing simple ditties can quicken the energy and help synchronize breath with movement. 3 times around sets and clears the circle in a way that can be felt. Circling clockwise 7 times will dispel illusion and break any shadow spell. You may spontaneously call in spiritual forces and put intentions on the air. When the dance movement feels complete sit and gaze into the water pool between the candles to gain insight regarding the future year and the role that you may play.

Another tradition is to wet the right forefinger in the bowl of water then hold it up high and draw a clockwise circle in the air above. This is to open a window into the future. You might also use right forefinger to put water from the bowl on the brow center to help open the inner eye. Candlemas is all about clearing and seeing the way forward. This is magic time, a time to use our creative imagination.

2011 Prediction Keys, Signs of the Time

Each year has a theme the elements of which may be found in the symbolic meaning of its numbers, the planetary year ruler, lunar new year sign, decan star sign and the zodiacal chart of its inception. Another factor to consider this year is the 7/11/2010 total eclipse of the Sun as this carries significant influence until the next total solar eclipse on 11/13/2012.

Here I would like to share a few highlights regarding the elements of prediction, I’ll go into detail on a few points and focus more on what is current for this season. Predictions for the coming zodiacal year 3/20/2011-3/20/2012 will the subject of my next edition of Mythic Times. In the interim I would like for all of us to pay attention to our dreams and to the signs of nature so we may better scry what is to be. This is a time to share our dreams and I invite you to write me if you feel you have something prophetic to share. The following information is material to work with, it is not determinative, what will be is what we make of these energetic resources.

The numbers for 2011 are 11 and 4 and the related Tarot arcana are Key 11 Justice and Key 4 The Emperor. This 11th year of the 3rd millennium augments the global desire social justice and it implies that those who work for just causes will be empowered. 11 is a master number on the physical plane so this will be a very productive year. Key 11 Justice has mysteries to reveal in this cycle.

2011 reduces to 4 The Emperor which is identified with Jupiter, the high king of Olympus. Jupiter and the Emperor represent rulership and the order of things in the world. During this year it is likely that many kings will fall and many new leaders will come forward. Coincidentally, Jupiter has for many months been moving in lock step with Uranus signifying a transformation of the existing order. This conjunction portends the death (or transformation) and rebirth of the king and order of things.

The fixed star most identified with the king archetype is Regulus, the star marking the heart of Leo. The 22 brightest stars in the sky are linked mythologically with the Major Arcana of Tarot and Regulus is Key 4 The Emperor. At the time of the last Total Eclipse of the Sun 7/11/2010, Venus was conjunct Regulus at the cusp of Leo and Virgo, the exact location of Tunis in the Earth Zodiac. The recent historic toppling of the autocratic ruler of Tunisia at the beginning of Virgo has enormous ramifications for the whole eastward region.

Events now in Cairo can be illuminated by studying the stars. Cairo is located in the 22nd degree of Virgo where we find Denebola, the tail of the lion Leo. This star is linked to Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess of ancient Egypt. Denebola is also associated with Cybele, the lion taming goddess often shown with one hand at the head and other at the tail of a lion. Cybele is the model for Tarot Key 8 called Teth the serpent in kabalistic tradition. So we come back to the awakening and training of primal forces. Interestingly too, Denebola is located in the 15th parallel north (as projected on Earth) where no less than 4 volcanoes became active over the past few weeks. These volcanoes are Pacaya, Santa Maria and Fuego in Guatemala and Taal in the Phillipines. All this suggests a great stirring of vital forces and the awakening of the soul of a people. It’s a miracle that the protesters camped in Tahrir Square have survived and triumphed through this Feb 2-3 Dark of the Moon night. Now the worst appears to be over, the forces of liberation have been awakened and it will be impossible to put this genie back in the bottle.

Each Zodiacal Year (beginning at Spring Equinox) is ruled by one of 7 planets (including Sun and Moon) according to their apparent rate of motion in the heavens slowest to fastest, Saturn to Moon: Mars 2001; Sun 2002; Venus; 2003; Mercury; 2004; Moon 2005; Saturn 2006; Jupiter 2007; Mars 2008; Sun 2009; Venus 2010; Mercury 2011; Moon 2012.

Venus is the planetary ruler of the current Zodiacal Year that concludes with the Spring Equinox 2011, then a Year of Mercury begins. The best of this current Venus Year occurs during this winter season as Venus shines brightly in the morning sky. 2011 began with the brilliant Morning Star Venus rising above a beautiful balsamic Moon in the predawn sky. It is a fortunate boon for 2011 to have the love and money goddess Venus in her year invoked by the crescent Wishing Moon. Venus brings blessings that can be received directly by focusing on the light of the Morning Star and breathing deeply. Venusian chi can be gathered by raising the left palm toward the light while holding the right palm over the hara or chi center just below the navel. Then breathe deeply to absorb the energies of Venus.

Venus is the planet to watch now because she is the one pulling the cosmic strings. At the Winter Solstice pivot of the year, Venus was at mid-Scorpio, the cross-quarter power gate symbolized by the Ace of Cups in Tarot. This card represents the cosmic caldron or holy grail, the source of creation and transformation. Venus began 2011 in flowing trine with Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter is the king, Uranus is revolutionary transformer and Morning Star Venus is shaping this transformation. Jupiter is the king and order of things globally, Venus shapes the transformation of the king and helps bring forth the true king in this cycle. Venus trine Jupiter / Uranus opens us to new dimensions of creative expression and scientific discovery. This cycle of Venus brings a rebirth of love, grace, beauty and higher truth. In 2011 Venus is empowered to restore natural law and order to the world.

Astrological Ages and 36-Year Planetary Periods Key to Prediction
Plato named the 25,920 year cycle of precession the Great Year.” Many now call it the Platonic Year. This long period wobble of the Earth on its axis causes the Spring Equinox to move backwards through the zodiacal signs marking the course of the Ages. Each Age is 2160 years or 1/12th the 25,920 year cycle or precession.

Each Zodiacal Age (or Platonic Month) is made up of sixty 36-year time periods. These 36-year  “planetary periodsare ruled in turn by 7 planets (including Sun and Moon) in their Chaldean sequence: Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon, and Sun. At the the close of each 252 year cycle a 36-year Sun period illuminates and sums up the whole.  It is during this synthesizing and integrating Sun period that social renaissance occurs. The present Sun period began in 1981 and will conclude in 2016. This is a renaissance time.

The 36-year cycle is an important key to astrological prediction. Each year of a 36-year planetary period is linked to a particular decan (ten degree part) of the zodiac and each each of these decans has its own constellation with its own peculiar myth. The current cycle began with a 1st decan Aries year in 1981. Each year at Spring Equinox a new decan begins and a new mythic story unfolds. This system for astrological prediction is called the World Wheel of Fortune. And, just like the standard roulette wheel it has 36 spokes.

2009 was a 2nd decan Capricorn or Delphinus the Dolphin year. This year world attention was given to the plight of dolphins with the release of The Cove, a film about the killing of dolphins that had been occuring each year in a cove near Taijii, Japan. This area of Japan borders the Delphinus decan of Capricorn in the zodiac on Earth (140-150E). This zodiacal zone contains some of the largest dolphin pods in the world. A beautiful video titled “Dolphins play with bubble rings” also appeared in Delphinus the Dolphin Year 2009

2010 was (and is until 3/20/11) a 3rd decan Capricorn or Piscis Australis (Southern Fish) year. Piscis Australis is called the Golden Fish because it drinks the stream from the urn of Aquarius and so symbolically makes flesh Aquarian dreams, ideals and new inventions. (Benjamin Franklin was born in this decan). Piscis Australis is the Great Fish that drinks the flood that would otherwise have destroyed the world.

According to Staal, the fish is often seen as a sign of salvation in the legends of a great deluge: “The fish drinks the waters of the flood to save the world”. Following the flood comes the great fish. This was a prophetic for the 2010 zodiacal year. Over the past month “a flood of biblical proportions” struck Eastern Australia which is located in the Piscis Australis decan of Capricorn in the Earth Zodiac. The last time a comparable flood occurred here was 36 years ago in 1974 during the last Piscis Australis year.

The bright star Fomalhaut, the alpha star (lucida) of Piscis Austrinus has long been associated with Aquarius. For astrologers, this star portends eminence, fortune, and divine power. The 22 brightest stars are identified mythologically with the 22 major arcana of Tarot. In this set Fomalhaut is Key 5, The Hierophant linking Heaven and Earth. Fomalhaut can be found now shining brightly in the evening sky near the horizon low down below Jupiter.

Another interesting angle for understanding what is happening in Egypt can be found in connection with the decan constellations. While the Piscis Austrinus decan of the Earth Zodiac is given emphasis this year there is also a great triangle of influence extending between related decans of the earth element. So the 3rd decan of all the earth signs are activated and this includes Egypt located in the 3rd decan of Virgo. It also includes Chicago in 3rd decan Taurus where the Great Blizzard of 2011 just occurred. In the Earth Zodiac and by longitude Cairo, Chicago, Sydney and Rockhampton in Australia form a nearly perfect equilateral triangle.

Equus the Horse is the 2011 Zodiacal Year decan constellation. I’ll include information about this constellation’s role in the coming cycle in my next newsletter. If you want to research, Anne Wright’s Fixed Star site is a good resource.

The July 11 2010 Solar Eclipse Key to 2011 Prediction

Our understanding of solar eclipses comes in large part from Druid tradition. A total eclipse of the Sun is the most important event that can happen in the heavens because it signals a renewing of the Earth’s relationship to the Sun. The Sun is one of the Druids two primary celestial deities, the other is the Moon in relation to the Earth. The Earth/Moon Spirit the Druids called Cerridwen and the Sun they named Hu or Lugh. When a total solar eclipse occurs, the Sun and Moon merge as one and a new creation is seeded.

The story currently unfolding can be read in the cosmic pattern of the July 11 2010 eclipse. This total eclipse of the Sun sets the course of what unfolds until the next total solar eclipse on 13 Nov 2012. This is so because when the Sun-Moon-Earth are perfectly aligned this causes a brief break in the energetic connection between Earth and Sun that is followed by a resetting of our relationship with the Solar Logos at a higher turn of creation. So begins a new chapter in the unfolding story of our planetary life. Here’s part of the story:

The July 11 solar eclipse occurred in the 20th degree of Cancer conjunct Adhara, “the maiden” star identified with Tarot Key 2, the High Priestess. This means that this archetype which includes Persephone and Mary Magdalene will be emerging powerfully in the world over the following two years. In this chart too we see a “terrible T-square” formed by a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction opposing Saturn all square Pluto in early cardinal signs. These aspects together signify challenges and tensions leading to a complete change of state, the total transformation (Pluto and Uranus) of the king (Jupiter) and the order of things in the world (Saturn). Another important pattern to note is a large M-pattern similar to the one on the cup in the Ace of Cups. This symbol and card represent Mary Magdalene the bearer of the sacred vessel of feminine nature that spans the planes of creation. The M-pattern includes Venus trine Pluto (the transforming power of love) and Mercury trine Jupiter/Uranus. Mercury is the wizard instructing how to transform the king and the old order of the world. Additionally in this chart we see many indicators of the coming “shift of the poles” as this pertains to sexual roles. The sword of truth is given into the hands of woman now because she can be trusted to restore the balance. Woman set free and self-realized mediates the birth of the new masculine consciousness that will in its own way bring new light to the world. A parallel is found in Persephone giving birth to Dionysus, now there’s an apocryphal story!

Also in this chart, the eclipsing Sun and Moon squares Eris/Persephone at 22 Aries 15. This square challenges and stimulates awakening of this newly emerging feminine archetype. And note that this 7/11/2010 solar eclipse cycle (ending 11/13/2012) carries the resonances of Tarot Key 11 Justice and Key 2 the High Priestess along with every month day 11. Justice is the Tarot card of Libra, one of the two zodiacal signs ruled by Venus. The High Priestess is identified with Persephone, the co-ruler of Libra (The curtain with pomegranates behind the High Priestess signifies Persephone). These 11/2 Justice/High Priestess potencies become realized in 2011.

The Morning Star is the planet to watch this month as Venus in Aquarius bridges our way to a new cultural era. Other planets due attention are the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jupiter is plowing ahead in Aries bringing forward bold new initiatives that will bring success in Spring. Saturn in Libra works to bring balance and justice to the world while providing discipline to organize and anchor new opportunities coming through. Uranus and Neptune are the rulers of Aquarius and Pisces. All month these planetary giants are in “mutual reception” moving through each other’s sign and passing the torch of civilization from one age to the next. Insights for this new time are channeled through the arts and in signs and symbols by way of Venus, the ruler of the Libra part of Aquarius we enter now as we leave the 2160 year Piscean Age. Venus is the planetary year ruler until the Equinox (3/20/11). Until then we can expect exciting breakthroughs in consciousness and understanding as new symbol systems are energized to bridge the way to the new high culture for which our world is so ready. And there’s no better emissary to lead our way there than the goddess of Love.

Mythic Times Overview
Myths of all time are now coming to life. This is called “the end time,” it is the end of the Piscean Age and beginning of the Aquarian. This is the Norse Ragnarok, the age of fire and ice (extremes of heat and cold), when the Fenris Wolf is set loose and the Dragon comes down from the Pole to shake the world. This is the time of “the war in heaven and earth.” War in heaven means conflict on the psychic or spiritual plane. As this war is won on the subtle planes war and violence will be ended in the outer world. This is the magical war for which Star Wars, the Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings series have prepared us. And regardless of the many dire predictions, a positive outcome is assured. How positive and how soon the age of peace and plenty will begin depends in part on what we do.

Draco the Dragon is 2nd decan Libra star sign. The Ural Mountains of Russia look amazingly like a dragon wending its way down from the pole between 50 and 60 degrees east longitude, the Draco decan in the Earth Zodiac. Draco is the Dragon that Aphrodite (or Hera) sets to guard her golden apple tree, a fitting myth for this part of the world. Draco includes most of Iran including the capital Tehran.

3rd decan Libra is Lupus, the Wolf that Chiron (constellation Centaurus) brings to the fiery altar Ara. It’s important to note that each of these decans has a good and a shadow side, a positive expression and a misapplication. There is a good wolf and an evil wolf in the Native American myth regarding the 2 wolves warring within, the one that wins is the one we feed. Now at the end of the age the Dragon and the Wolf appear as powerful elements of the collective shadow bent on destruction. These sectors of the world (Draco = 50-60 degrees east and Lupus = 60-70 east) include some of the most violent parts of the world and the areas of the world where women have suffered the worst oppression. This is more than coincidental, there is a direct relationship between the repression of feminine nature and violence in the world. Why in this region particularly? Because it is here and in 3rd decan Virgo (40-50 east) where the new feminine spirit and spiritual beingness is emerging that will ultimately break free from the tyranny of the old global order. When there is peace in the Middle East there will be peace everywhere, when women are free here, women will be free everywhere. Between now and the 11/13/12 solar eclipse the shadow wolf and dragon will be vanquished and woman, the feminine soul, will be set free.

Times of greatest challenge are times of greatest opportunity. As old patterns of belief and being are challenged, the way is opened to greater understanding and more enlightened living. As limiting reality structures are broken, new worlds emerge. The old zeitgeist based on Newtonian physics is now thankfully giving way to the New Physics and the new more magical order of Aquarius.

At the end of an Age all that has been hidden is revealed, all that humanity has swept under the rug comes to light to be transformed. These astral energies merge as a collective shadow, a psychic aggregate metaphorically called the Dragon of the Age. This “dragon” embodies all that humanity has been unable or unwilling to deal with during the past 2000 years. The reclamation of the psychic energy represented by the Dragon is spoken of in Revelation as the flesh of Leviathan becoming “as food for the righteous.” In psychological perspective, this can mean bringing to consciousness an outmoded way of thinking or behaving. Once illuminated in this way, the old pattern can be broken and its psychic energy freed for new creative expression. So the “flesh of the dragon” becomes “as food.” This means undesirable psychic patterns, emotional attachments and addictions can be considered an energy resource. As these are broken, energy is freed that can be redirected to serve our dreams. This process was called dragon slaying or dragon taming in esoteric tradition.

We enter the Age of Aquarius through the Venus ruled Libra decan of Aquarius. So Venus, the goddess of Love, is our guide into this new era. And we should know too that Venus is more than grace and love and beauty, she also brings power to train serpents and dragons and restore the natural order of the world. In this regard, we should note that the current 19 month cycle of Venus began on 10/28/2010 in the Ophiuchus decan of Scorpio.

According to Greek myth, the doctor god Ophiuchus/Aesclepius was taught the art of healing by the serpent Serpens. Then again, Ophiuchus is said to be charming or taming the serpent Serpens. A mystery of healing and illumination is revealed in this story and this mystery is symbolized by the serpent entwined staff carried by Aesclepius. Of course this staff became the caduceus symbol of the medical profession. It signifies healing that occurs when energy rises  up the spine activating the higher chakras.

The heliacal rising of the New Venus on November 3rd coincided with the beginning of a very special Mayan Year that is known as the 7th Day and is embodied in the Dual-Creator/Divine-Couple god-goddess Ometeotl. In contrast, the passing Mayan Year was under the influence of the dark god Tlahuizcal, a shadow form of Quetzalcoatl, who is also known as the God Before Dawn. Tlahuizcal is an angry god who shoots arrows at the Sun because he is offended by its brightness. At the close of this cycle the arrows comes back to slay the dark god and he goes off the stage as Ometeotl comes on. The reign of this shadow god was a time of emotional and psychic purging for all people, our nation and the world. Following this “6th Night” Year of the Mayans we entered (on Nov 3 2010) the final year of the Mayan calendar. This 360-day Year called the 7th Day brings us into the light of a new creation. This is the time when the pieces of the dismembered Osiris, the essential myths of all time, will come to life and will be integrated in a way that leads us to a unified global consciousness. These are our mythic times!

Bright Blessings to you in this dawning new day!

Steve Nelson, Mythic Astrologer with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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