Spring Equinox – a Time for Rebirth and New Creations

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The vernal (spring) equinox occurs today (March 20, 2014) and it marks or celebrates the balance of light and dark. At this time, a shift takes place from the earth energy of winter (when we go within for introspection) to the airiness and Light of spring (a time of new creation and rebirth). From the cold, hibernating darkness of earth and stone and the roots of trees, sap awakens and begins to rise; the sun mingled with gentle breeze begins to warm and soothe us; and the skies (representing the ethers and spiritual connectedness) become thickly inhabited once again. New opportunities arrive and portals open for new creations to begin.


We would like to offer you a few venues assist you in YOUR New Creations:


1. NuSkin Opportunity Meeting: We will have a no-obligation FREE introductory meeting this Monday, March 24th at 7pm (at the Shift Your Life® Conference Room in Suite 301 at Lake Norman Integrative Psychiatry located at 116 S. Main Steet in Mooresville, NC) for any who might be interested in learning more about an opportunity to Be Your Own Boss and to Begin Your Own Entrepreneurial Business with lots of Training/Support available.   Feel free to bring a friend with you. Check out nsintro.com 



2. “The Shift Doctors” will be teaching an Introductory Entura Art class in the near future due to the overwhelming positive response we had to Entura photo 2-3Art on display at SHIFT Charlotte 2014 last weekend. Please send us an email at info@ShiftYourLife.com to let us know if you have an interest in learning this intuitive art form where you “connect with and enter the aura or energy” of a person (living or deceased), a spiritual being, or a concept and then allow that energy to flow through you onto paper with eyes closed or without allowing your ego to direct the energy. NO previous art experience is necessary

1506042_10202690273645579_1021130159_nWhen contacting us, please let us know if you prefer an evening class, a weekday class or over a weekend.

Entura Art” is an enjoyable way to awaken, release, and experience your


‘creative spirit’ within. It is a way to expand your intuitive vocabulary with a visible result. “Entura Art” is energy in motion, as it allows you to move beyond barriers, and blend with your connection to spirit through color and movement. You become one with spirit, effortlessly, joyfully, and colorfully.  This will be either an all-day class or a class over 2 evenings – Cost $100 (Supplies included) <To see more about Entura Art click on this link here. >
3. We have taught classes in the past on various topics (Awakening Intuition, Metaphysical Ancient Mystery School Series, Spiritual Anatomy, Multidimensional Healing, Color & Sound Healing, How to Heal with Tuning Forks, Advanced Holistic Healing, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use in Healing, etc) – However, we love to teach when there is a perceived NEED rather just teaching a class for the sake of teaching it. Feel free to contact us at info@ShiftYourLife.com if YOU or your group would like have us teach you a specific topic or series of topics.

4. At least one of “The Shift Doctors” will be present at this event Wed., March 26, 2014 in Mooresville, NC:half-page-flyer-1024x791

Bright Blessings to you all on this Vernal Equinox day!
“The Shift Doctors” (Tracy and Marion)
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    Posted at 11:33h, 18 August Reply

    I’m interested in all your classes on a wknd preferably.

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