Shift Your Life® Mystery School Series is here!

TLatzWe (“The Shift Doctors”) have had the privilege of attending formal Ancient Mystery School training at Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia. Many of our students have had a keen interest in our metaphysical training and what we learned in our years there. We have had some students and colleagues who have pursued their own training at Delphi after learning of our experiences. Unfortunately, many of our students could not afford the cost of attending Delphi – and some could not afford to take the time away from home to attend the week-long classes in residence there.

During these times of evolutionary change, we have noticed a quickening in the need and desire for the information that we learned during our metaphysical training. We feel strongly there is a powerful need for this information (intuitive development for a Purpose) to be readily available at this particular time.  It is to this end that we have decided to begin the Shift Your Life® Mystery School Series of classes starting Thursday, Nov. 6th, 2014.

stonehengeThe emphasis on the start of this Mystery School Series is to awaken each person’s cosmic memory of their own involvement in mystery schools in previous incarnations (if they are drawn to them currently, then they likely have experienced the teachings before and their soul is wanting them to remember)… then to move forward to becoming aware of the Holistic Healing System – of how the chakras interact with thoughts/emotions and intentions as well as your soul’s purpose to affect your body and experiences…. then becoming aware of how our perceptions of our place in the world and relationships as CHILDREN forms our LIFE PLAN which then dictates how WE interact now as adults. The problem is that we usually have never been aware of how powerfully our beliefs at age 3 or 5 or 7 is still creating our life now. Once each person then goes through experiences and exercises to understand exactly how this is affecting their own health, emotions and relationships now…. we go into the 2 day Shift Your Life® Seminar to give an Inner Sanctuary training to allow each person to connect to their Higher Self directly and quick tools/techniques to begin to shift old thought patterns and lower frequency, negative reactive emotion patterns. This paves the way to then create a New Life Plan that you consciously create and the place within to create your life anew while being able to ask questions from your own Higher Self and receives answers along the way. 🙂

It is with a sense of Service and Purpose that we begin the Mystery School Series this coming week at a special low introductory price – as we do not want anyone to be left out due to finances. Now is the time.

Loads of Love & Light to you all,TheShiftDoctors

Tracy & Marion (“The Shift Doctors”)

Dr.’s Latz & Ross both have their doctorates in holistic healing, metaphysics, complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Latz is a cell biologist and board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Ross is a Rohun doctorate and a transpersonal psychologist. Together they have written 3 books (one a #1 bestseller on Amazon), taught at national and international professional conferences, produced >70 YouTube instructional videos, meditation CD’s and instructional DVD’s. They are both certified in intuitive development, hypnotherapy, medical qigong, crystal healing, mind-body medicine, homeopathy and energy medicine from accredited programs. Visit or opt into their website at to read free articles, listen to free meditations and to receive updates on their classes or events. Contact “The Shift Doctors” at to have them teach or present to your conference, private gathering or group.

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