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Everything in the World is Shifting – It is Time to Wake Up and Shift Your Life!

Dr. Tracy Latz (integrative psychiatrist) and Dr. Marion Ross (transpersonal psychologist) founded Shift Your Life in 2008. Together they are known as the ‘Yin’ and the ‘Yang’ of edutainment teachers – as one speaks to the predominantly left and the other to the right brained individual. Together they are wise and hilarious and teach enough tools to cover all personality types.They have published a total of five books: three books on personal development, one book for empowering entrepreneurs, and one book on Intuitive art. The “Shift Doctors” have taught at professional gatherings and international conferences. They also have produced various media, healing meditations and online courses to empower those who wish to heal, find more Love and Joy, become more present in their lives, raise their consciousness, expand their Intuitive Development, and otherwise transform their lives.Tracy and Marion teach seminars in Personal Transformation, Energy Medicine, Color and Sound Healing, Reiki, EFT, intuitive (Entura) art, and Multidimensional Healing​

Both Marion and Tracy have a wealth of experience working with a wide spectrum of student and client needs which may include a desire to awaken Intuition, reaching beyond a sense of emptiness to find deeper meaning and Purpose, diminishing stress and anxiety, lifting depression, alleviating symptoms of PTSD, learning to peek beyond the veil to channel artwork from your inner guidance, life journey spiritual guidance, and multidimensional healing. Shift Your Life was created to give those with a serious interest in self empowerment and personal transformation the tools necessary to assist them to shift their lives into a happier, healthier and more joyful state with empowerment to express their gifts, abilities and purpose. The “Shift Doctors” are dedicated to assisting you in identifying and reaching your goals, as they help you find your footing on your spiritual path.

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If you are excited tooptimize your health,well-being and relationshipsAwakening Awareness will teach you to open the doorway to new dimensions of self that have always been there but have never been explored.

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