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Seven Abundance Hacks Part 3: Find Your Inner Power

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Welcome back to 7 Abundance Hacks For Success in Any Situation. We are now at the strategy of Abundance Hack 3: Find Your Power.

I’m Dr. Tracy Latz and I’m Dr. Marion Ross from

We’re glad you’re joining us. We’re giving you slowly each hack to remove an issue that would actually prevent you from fully using the Law of Attraction practically in your life. We teach these points to even greater depth and give much more tools and techniques in our books and online courses. You can find us at We have already shared previous Abundance Hack 1 (Center Emotions) and Abundance Hack 2 (Define Yourself) – so you may want to check those strategies out as well if you haven’t already seen them!

Inadequacy and Powerlessness—now those are two things that are really going to deplete your energy and not allow you to become abundant. So what do we do about it? Well, the issue is what gets us there. We can feel powerful until we’re suddenly faced with a test or challenge. You mean like getting older or feeling like you need to stay young?

Yes! That and having a health challenge suddenly appear in our life. Or a family issue either with a child or a parent or spouse or some other significant other. Change in general is a real test and challenge for people. They don’t know how to handle it. So they start feeling powerless and inadequate.

Absolutely! Finances! People get stressed out about finances. Maybe they’re covering college costs or have hidden costs come up. Maybe they have a car issue. Or maybe they’re also dealing with a job issue. Perhaps they lost a job as there were cutbacks. Or they’re struggling to find a job straight out of college.

What about self-image? When you look in the mirror, you think, “What about these wrinkles?” “I’m getting old. No one’s going to love me.” “My husband’s going to leave me. I don’t look the way I used to look.” Yeah! That gets a lot of people.

Where am I going to go from here? How about feeling different? Like taking these sorts of classes? Or being interested in spiritual awakening classes? You can feel kind of different or weird. Who can I tell about that? They’re going to think I’m nuts.

We’ve all experienced things like this. We talk to people about finding their tribes all the time. You can also experience loss or grief from the death of a loved one. Someone may have moved away, or you are moving away, setting up a new life. You graduate from college. You change jobs. You move out of your parents’ house and high school. Whatever. All of these things, all of these changes are tests and challenges for us to rise above.

A test or a challenge is an opportunity for us to grow, stretch ourselves, think out of the box, evolve, or remain stuck. When we rise to that kind of challenge, we are very, very powerful in our choices. We start feeling abundantly powerful.

It’s a question of perspective. Are we a victim of our circumstances? Or are we the creators of our daily life? How will we rise to the challenge at the moment? If you look at it as a wondrous game, and not take our self or the situation so seriously, we can get quite creative. But we’re going to give you some tools to help you rise above this.

Connecting Heaven and Earth—this is an exercise coming from Qigong that allows you to feel grounded but at the same time connected to God, Source, Universe, whatever you feel. Or The Big Field out there that connects us all. The Big Field of Energy.

What you’re going to do is start with hands in prayer position. You’re going to raise one hand palm flat up to the sky. The other palm goes down touching the earth. Inhale! Look up. Exhale! Look down. While you’re doing that, feel the energy of the Earth. Feel the energy of the sky. Come back to prayer position and do it again. Inhale! Look up. Exhale! Look down.

Stretch your body. It’s really important to stretch your body. Because it brings new energies into your body. So let’s bring the grounding energy of the Earth, the energies of Heaven in your body. Do that once more. So you can do that 3 or 4 times, alternating each time. Very helpful to feel more connected.

There’s another tool that we use often. It’s called the Mountain Meditation. It helps for power. When you’re feeling low, when you’re feeling inadequate, it’s a really, really, helpful. It’s been around for thousands of years, again, in Buddhist tradition, in mindfulness training.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath. As you exhale, feel tension releasing from your body. Take two more slow deep breaths. As you exhale, feel your muscles relaxing even more. Sense yourself walking on a path in an alpine forest. With each step you take, you feel more present and alert. Be aware of the fresh clean scent of pine in the air. Although the air is brisk, the gentle warmth of the sun feels so good on your skin. The sky is a beautiful azure blue. You are feeling very connected to nature.

Ahead in the distance, you see the most splendid, majestic mountain that you have ever seen. The immense bluish-purple rock reaches so high. The peak is barely visible in the clouds. This is Your Mountain. Feel yourself drawn to the base of the mountain. Begin your trek upwards towards the top. Feel the lightness in your legs as if you are being pulled magnetically towards the top. Without any effort, feel your amazement at the ease of this climb, as you find yourself halfway up the Mountainside.

Now stop for a moment. Look around. Marvel at how far you have already come. It seems that the higher you go up this mountain, the lighter you feel and the easier the journey. You begin the trek once again towards the top. Now it feels as if your feet are barely touching the ground. It appears as if you are now gliding toward the peak. You are nearly at the top, as you enter the midst of the clouds.

Reach out and feel the texture of the clouds, as you move them gently out of your way. Now you can see clearly where you have been, where you’re going, and how easy it can be. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the healing light of the universe. Feel a sense of joy knowing that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Feel the connection with everything as you stand there looking out, surveying the spectacular vista before you. Feel your connection with this mighty mountain. Feel your deep and firmly rooted feet.

Know that you are this mighty mountain, strong and majestic. Just as the mountain has been here for eons experiencing the change of seasons, weather, wildlife, and the environment with time. You too are long-lasting and have experienced and endured various obstacles and environmental changes in the passage of seasons in your own life. Like the mountain, you too are majestic, solid, still, rooted in the earth, regal, powerful, centered, and strong.

Just as the mountain, you too are beautiful Just As You Are. Whether you were seen by people or animals. Whether you are covered by snow in the winter. Green in the summer. Wrapped in clouds. Shrouded in fog. Dry or wet. As you sit majestic and dignified. The world continues to change. The sun comes up in the morning. Reaches its zenith and sets in the evening. The clouds come and go in the sky.

Through all of these changes, you remain solid, rooted, and dignified. Any test or challenge in your life is but a brief storm with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The warmth of the sun will return, and new life will emerge once again. Feel your strength, your dignity. Be aware of your long-lasting inner strength and beauty. Now take another deep breath and feel your connection once again, with all that there is in this ever-changing universe.

Know that you are part of this whole and that your strength will endure any change or season in your life. Spend as much time as you like on the peak of your mighty mountain. When you feel you’re ready to return to your physical world, feel yourself making the return journey from your mountain with ease. Gently open your eyes. Take a moment to return and process.

This is a powerful meditation that can root you. Help you feel your inner strength during times of tests and challenges. When you’re stressed out. Feel that inner strength. Know that you are that mountain. You too are majestic.

Use this meditation frequently to feel your strength. To root you. For people who tend to be a bit flighty and have a hard time being centered and inattentive, this can be a very powerful meditation to really get them to be fully present when you may be struggling.

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Bright Blessings!

Tracy Latz and Marion Ross – aka “The Shift Doctors”