Every Seeker Could Use a Tribe on Their Spiritual Journey

Ritual Fire

You Don’t Have to Be Lonely Seeker – It is Time to Connect with Your Tribe

We polled our friends and colleagues and found that most people on the spiritual or metaphysical path have been yearning to connect with others who understand where they have been on their path to awakening and spiritual growth. This sense of isolation has only been compounded with the increased isolation over the past 2 1/2 years as a fallout from pandemic times. Everyone’s spiritual path is a solo experience as you cannot take anyone on your specific journey; however, it can be helpful to have a tribe of people who understand where you have been and the journey that you are on without judgment.

Free Metaphysical Online Meetup Discussion Groups

This is our reponse to that need. We are scheduling regular free monthly metaphysical discussion groups as well as inexpensive classes to give you connections to a tribe of people with whom you can freely share your journey in a safe place and without judgment. Shift Doctors” Tracy Latz and Marion Ross have spent 30+ years gathering wisdom and experience and are wanting to share it with others who have a true desire to shift consciousness in a chaotic world. We are here to assist with creating a tribe of like-minded people and to assist as teachers or mentors. Feel free to join us. It just might Shift Your Life®!

Brightest of Blessings to you all in these chaotic times! 🙂

Tracy & Marion

— *”Shift Doctors” Tracy Latz and Marion Ross are available for events, classes, speaking engagements, and for personal coaching/mentoring. They have a Shift Your Life TV YouTube Channel, 2 podcasts, have co-authored 5 books with meditation CDs on personal transformation & intuitive development, and have taught internationally at conferences and private venues. Check out more information about them at ShiftYourLife.com.