‘Qigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings’ by Robert Peng

The Shift Doctors (Marion Ross, Ph.D. & Tracy Latz, M.D.) have studied different forms of Qigong, including Medical Qigong, for years with several excellent teachers. ‘Qi’ is Life Force energy. ‘Gong’ means practice. Qigong is the science of cultivating our Life Force energy, which is the invisible energy animating our body and empowering our vital functions. Robert Peng, the author of the bookQigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings”, is one of the most remarkable we have ever met. When Marion first briefly encountered Master Peng at Delphi University several years ago, his reputation preceded him; he was teaching a weekend workshop and rapidly sold out of appointment times for private healing sessions. He had become known as ‘the healer’s healer’ and we had never heard such incredible stories (almost mythological in nature) about a healer/ teacher before. And these stories were coming from the mouths of some of the most renowned healers in the country. Not being able to get on his healing schedule, Marion bought his DVD and practiced with it several times a week for 3 years in addition to her on-going Qigong practice.

Three years passed and ‘The Shift Doctors’ returned to Delphi University Ancient Mystery School for some downtime and a ‘family holiday’ visit for Tracy and her children. While browsing through the great metaphysical bookstore at Delphi, we found Robert Peng’s newly released book, “Qigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings”.  We ALL had a great time perusing the book and practicing some of the exercises found within it- even Tracy’s 3 adolescent children were giggling over feeling the energy and transforming the taste of each other’s drinks (applejuice, orange juice and sweet tea) at dinnertime by using the techniques described by Robert in his book!

It was such a compelling experience that Marion took the next course that Robert had scheduled the following weekend in NYC. This wonderful course (titled ‘Empowerments’) included many of the movements he teaches in his book and it lead to the most relaxing and healing Qigong sessions that Marion had ever practiced.

Robert is the real deal!! He is a genuine, warm heartfelt teacher who has made his life’s work spreading the teaching of qigong healing around the world so we can all enjoy good qi and happiness. Don’t pick up this book unless you are interested in elevating the flow in your life to become more centered, joyful, loving and vitalized. This book is an inspiring, thought-provoking read and a guide which both challenges, invites and prepares us to partake in the opportunity to integrate these teachings into our own lives through the practice of Qigong.

Coming from a culture where few Masters reveal their secrets, Robert Peng recounts the story of his journey from being a ‘sickly’ eight-year-old boy suffering from a heart condition in China to becoming an extraordinary healer and teacher in New York City.

Qigong Master is a warm and engaging story recounting Robert’s experiences leading up to the development of his amazing ability to channel the powers of Healing and Spiritual Enlightenment that flows through him. It is the stuff of which movies are made… only it is no fantasy… it is real!

Robert openly shares and guides us through the step by step process -the practical, proven methods of Elixir Light Qigong taught to him by his beloved Master Xiao Yao, so that we may also live a life filled with inner peace and happiness. Robert’s quest is to crystallize Xiao Yao’s vision of “Qigong going Global”. This form of daily self-care both for ourselves and in the service of the collective consciousness, includes Taoist, Buddhist and Shaolin practices to further align and develop, body, mind & spirit.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Journey from Xiangtan embodies the journey of Robert’s apprenticeship and adventures with his master, the period of his life as a university student/teacher and the story of his emergence as a Qigong master in China, Australia, and the US. Some of the tales told here are incredible! Including how Robert learned to sleep in a branch of a tree 20 feet above the ground; how he observed students of Xiao Yao walking on water to cross a river on the way to lunch, while he took the bridge, and especially the story of Robert’s 100-day Biguan. After 8 years of rigorous Qigong practice Robert spent 100 days in the dark (except for his Master’s daily visit to empower his energy points) in an underground, stone chamber, with a water jug, a ladle, straw mattress and some rice in his quest to discover paradise. Robert describes his magical trips to explore mystical realms as well as the darkest places in his soul all from his dark chamber.


Part 2: In Awakening The 4 Golden Wheels Robert instructs the reader in basic Qigong skills and then guides them through a series of empowerment techniques to awaken the 4 Golden Wheels “just like a spark plug ignites an engine”. In further chapters we explore and discover the answer to the question “Who Am I, Really?” so that by Chapter 12 we are given an inspiring vision of how we may become a Qigong master by merging the 4 Golden Wheels with our True Essence.

Part 3: Exercising the 4 Golden Wheels gives Essential Practices of Elixir Light Qigong to refine & boost Qi stored in the 4 Golden Wheels. When we exercise the 4 Golden Wheels with intention and regular practice as Robert instructs, then we bring into alignment our will power, our heart and compassion and our connection with the Universe.

In Part 4: My Qigong Life consolidates the ideas in the previous chapters and shows how qigong integrates and affects our daily personal lives. We are given practice guidelines and answers to questions any serious practicing qigong student might ask. Robert completes this remarkable honest manual for healthy living with intuitive mindful awareness by examining relationships and sexual intimacy through the perspective of Qigong practice.

The Shift Doctors give the book “Qigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings” by Robert Peng two thumbs up!! It is a must-read for any serious metaphysical student or student of qigong… and you will learn how to change the taste of your favorite beverage in the process!! It is a must-read for any serious metaphysical student or student of qigong… and you will learn how to change the taste of your favorite beverage in the process!! 🙂

Find out more about Robert, his workshops and his book and accompanying CD’s and DVDs at: http://robertpeng.com.

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