12 Keys To Shift Your Life Seminar In New York

12 Keys To Shift Your Life - The Seminar At Harlem Library
Harlem Library

If you’re in the Harlem, NY neighborhood today and want to learn how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck, we’re presenting an all day seminar on the 12 Keys To Shift Your Life at the Harlem Branch of the New York Public Library.

The venue address is 9 West 124th Street, New York, NY 10027-5699 and the gig starts at 10am.

This workshop is targeted towards anyone who is interested in overcoming any roadblocks to creating happiness, joy and abundance in their lives; or those that feel that there has to be more to life than what they have experienced up to this moment. Students will be given the resources to understand why they are stuck and the tools, techniques and awareness to create their lives differently so they may experience positive transformation.

For more information about the sessions and to see a venue map, please check our events page.

This event is sponsored by the New York Public Library – Harlem Branch.

We both hope to see you there.

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