Mythic Times: Solar Power Gate Aug 7-22, Gaia Awakening, Avatars by Steve Nelson

Lammas is the season, so the wise folk say,

When Love can grow as much by night

As Love can grow by day. ~ anonymous


August 6-8 is one of the four fixed sign “cross-quarters” and one of the 8 fire festivals or solar power gates in the annual cycle. The Druids revered the Sun as the most powerful manifestation of universal spirit and believed this spiritual power most present at the 8 seasonal turning points. A key way to connect with spirit at these times is simply circling fire (a candle will do) Sunwise or clockwise at least 3 times to set the celebration circle. Each magic circle becomes an 8-spoked wheel like the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. The circle is more powerful when we dance on one of the 8 great spokes of the year. Clockwise turns at the 4 direction points E-S-W-N makes the circle stronger. Clockwise rotation generates a vortex calling to order the elementals and setting stations for the archangels to stand on the corners of our world.

The Sun crosses the mid-Leo point and enters the cross-quarter degree on August 6 at 10:40 am EDT (2:40 am GMT Aug 7). The seasonal cross-quarters are midpoints of the fixed signs. These signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius ‘fix’ the power of the elements focusing their energies through the 4 elemental ‘power gates’. Mid-Leo is the Power Gate of Fire and, as Leo rules the heart, this is a Power Gate of Love. Mid-Leo transmutes and focuses the fire of the heart.

In Celtic tradition, Lughnasa is when the power of the Sun god Lugh is felt most strongly. Whatever is seeded now extends its influence through the August 7-22 hora, the Lammas Season. Whatever occurs or is brought forth in this time shapes the Autumn harvest to be.


Sun, Moon and other cosmic forces come together now to realize our dreams, the dreams of the world. Sun in Leo illuminates who we are and what we’re here for. Everything comes into focus during the Aug 6-8 mid-Leo power gate and the 2-week solar hora that follows. We are supported by the dance of the planets and stars now to realize what we are here to do. And. if all goes to plan, we will know completely by the Aug 22 Point of the Sphinx (Leo/Virgo cusp). This is an opportunity to understand our unique purpose and destiny for the coming time. The work we’re to do, living it through, will follow as the new creation flowers in months that follow. First the awakened global woman, the new queen, mediates the emergence of the new king. Then New Woman and New Man come together in the Seventh Moon (9/16-30) and from their divine union the new creation will flower.


As this Aug 6-22 solar gate opens the bright star Spica and Saturn form a spectacular triangle with Mars in the evening sky. They can be found by following the curve of the Big Dipper’s handle. The first bright star on this arc is Arcturus, the star of Merlin and Gandalf. Saturn hovers just over Spica (or Arista), the bright star in Virgo representing the goddess Ceres / Demeter who appears as the star-crowned Empress in Tarot. She is the Woman of Revelation pursued by the Dragon or Sauron, Saturn’s shadow. Just above this triangle appear the Pleiades or 7 Sisters who are the nurses of the New Mars, the new hero, the new masculine, the new king.


Directly opposite Spica, Saturn and Mars is the new planet Eris / Persephone who is depicted in Tarot Key 2 the High Priestess . She is the Lady of the Lake (can you see the lake?) with her pomegranate curtain and her feet on the Moon. The Moon is the unconscious, the collective ocean of potentialities from which the New Woman (Empress Ceres and her daughter Persephone reunited) emerges pursued by the Dragon. The Woman is aided by the great Eagle Aquila, the bird of Jove that wields the divine lightnings. As foretold by Tolkien the Eagle is our secret ally for defeating the forces of shadow. Displayed in the starry sky is the grand drama of our time instructively illuminating the Earth changes and the “war in heaven” that must be waged before we can enter this New Age,


August 7 begins a 5-month period when we come to realize the special gifts we bring and the part we’re to play. Now begins the Global Initiation when Earth and humanity enter a higher state of being. This universal shift in consciousness begins during the Aug 6-22 solar hora culminating with the August 22 Point of the Sphinx. Then Mercury will have left his retrograde shadow loop and Venus will rise before the Sun with Sirius signaling the beginning of a new 500-year Renaissance and a new 2000-year Age. This New Venus just freshly “clothed with the Sun” is another form of the Woman of Revelation, she is also the Egyptian Bennu Phoenix rising. A New World is being born and Love will be Queen. We’re at the dawning of a new era and now is our time to invoke the return of the Light.


“Lugh, the ‘Shining One,” was an ancient Irish hero and Sun god. Known also as the ‘Wonderworker,’ he was a magician, poet, warrior, storyteller, craftsman and ruler… Lugh was credited with the invention of horsemanship and horse races were featured in his festival. On this day too, horses and cattle were ridden through rivers because the Tiatha de Danaan believed strongly in the health-giving and purifying powers of water. Offerings of wildflowers and grain were made to ensure a good harvest and were placed on hilltops, at sacred wells and standing stones… Lammas is the time for wishes; wishing the crops to thrive and the harvest to be bountiful. It is also the time to harvest our own wishes and dreams. Lugh, the Wonderworker, is a reminder that anything is possible and the possibilities are unlimited. In the spirit of the Tiatha de Danaan, an ancient tradition of this time is to wade into the nearest body of water, to be cleansed and healed. In the spirit of the harvest festival, we may now reap the benefits of all that we have sown.” – Victoria Williams, Of Ritual Fire and Feasting: Celebrations of Nature’s Power


Old world Druids and nature magicians celebrate 8 fire festivals in the year when magic is most potent. These are solstices, equinoxes and 4 “cross-quarter days” including Lammas August 6-8, the midpoint of Summer. Ritual fires at the cross-quarter help focus, clear and seed possibilities (and luck) for the following season. The Cherokee say every fire is a piece of the Sun “the elder fire above.” Through fire we connect with the solar logos, more especially at the sacred solar gates. When there aren’t enough clearing fires created, Mother Nature creates her own. Lightning strikes cause many fires especially at these times. Small ritual fires at places of natural power offset Nature’s need for larger fires. Lughnasa or Lammas, the cross-quarter of Summer, is traditionally the time for mountain top ceremonial fire (a candle will do) that is followed by feasting.


The August 6-8 World Peace Festival commemorates the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This great tragedy and the US Embassy Bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on August 7th 1998 remind us of the shadow aspect of this Mid-Leo Power Gate. The more we honor this time with spiritual awareness the less there will be negative effect. More energetically charged locations and times may have effect for good or ill according to how these energies are channeled. The more energy is raised and directed positively the less will be misapplied. Mountain tops condition all that is below. Whatever comes to be in the mountain heights extends influence through the realm. True noon is an ideal time to be on a mountain aligning with spirit and channeling blessings to the world.


Solar prana is more present at higher elevations where magnetic inversions occur and solar prana flows down the magnetic lines of force. Jesus often went to a mountain to pray because here he could better be heard by “the father who art in heaven.”


At this time followers of the old world tradition go to a sacred mountain or hill to share a feast including bread of the first harvest, hence the name Lammas or ‘loaf mass’. Bread made now or brought to the mountain and blessed is imbued with a transcendent spirit like the Hobbits Lammas bread in Lord of the Rings. This hill top ceremony may also be done at any time during the August 7-22 Hora. Note: Each day has 24 hours including 8 canonical hours, a year has 24 hora (half signs) and 8 of these are canonical hora including Aug 7-22. Each of these horae carry the power of its inception, the equinox or solstice or cross-quarter when it begins.


The classical Mayan way of ritual celebration is to take food and flowers to a mountain top power spot and lay these out in a mandala-like pattern. The food is then blessed, presented as a offering to the gods and finally consumed in feasting so vital energy focused on the mountain is taken into the body and the spiritual ideal is literally embodied.


“Apukuna are the divine lords of the sacred mountains. They have been worshipped since pre-Incan times and are considered to be the most powerful of all traditional deities. The Quechua show the utmost respect toward the apukuna and acknowledge their importance in ritual and ceremony.” – Pachamama’s Children, Carol Cumes & Romulo Valencia


“Their gods are gods of the hills; therefore they were stronger than we.” I Kings 20:22; “Get thee up into the high mountain.” Is. 40:9; “Wisdom standeth in the top of high places.” Pr. 8:1,2; “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” Ps. 121:1; “The mountains and high hills shall break forth into singing.” Is. 55:12; “The mountains shall bring peace to the people.” Ps. 72:3 ; “O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill.” Ps. 65:12


Note: If you can’t go to the mountain, high hill or little hill, seek some other place of natural power for the mid-Leo power gate August 6-8 to Aug 22. This may be a city center as most cities have grown up around a place of natural power. Consider sacred sites nearby and feel your way to the right place to be. Or imagine yourself on a mountain top you’ve been to put your light body there.


Solar power gates and solar eclipses were key to Druid natural science. Stonehenge was built to predict eclipses. Following a total solar eclipse (20 May 2012) the next solar power gate (August 6-8) is especially important in activating what the solar eclipse (and Transit of Venus this cycle) portends. At this time the Druids would stoke up their fires and beat drums to power on the new creation.


Lughnasa, the mid-Leo “power gate of fire,” is a time for transforming, re-imaging, realizing dreams, actualizing ambitions, renewing cultural ideals, uniting worlds. The Leo fire gate August 6-22 is a time of illuminated vision. Dreams and portents tell us what will be.



The Catholic Feast of Transfiguration on August 6th [Aug 6-8 is the solar gate] celebrates when Jesus went up on the mountain and was illuminated. Spiritual fire, solar prana, comes down to the mountain tops most strongly at this mid-Leo power gate. Jesus knew when to go the mountain. “Then Jesus went forth unto a mountaintop to pray. And as he prayed a brilliant light appeared; his form became as radiant as precious stone; his face shown like the Sun; his garments seemed as white as snow; the son of man became the son of God. He was transformed that the people of the Earth might see the possibilities of humankind.” – Aquarian Gospel, Levi


Most accounts of the Transfiguration leave out the significant role of Mary Magdalene, still her story appears in apocryphal texts. Lady Mary Magdalene is a mediator for us now, an archetypal feminine avatar. She is the Woman of Revelation who gives birth to the new consciousness in this magic time.


“When it was time [August 6-7, Mid-Leo], the Lord took a few of his close male disciples along with Mary Magdalene up on top of a holy mountain. He was transfigured before them into a Light-image, showing his close companions the Pleroma of Light and the Light-continuum. The men were afraid and wished to shelter themselves from the glory and power. Then the men fell unconscious, overwhelmed by the glory of the Truth and Light, but St. Mary Magdalene was not overwhelmed and remained awake in the Light-presence… What the men beheld was merely the outset of the divine revelation. Because they fell unconscious, they did not receive the Light-transmission, and the Light-transmission passed to Lady Mary. She beheld the whole divine revelation, and she herself shone with visible glory… First, the Lord showed Mary the Light-images in the World of Supernal Light, then the heavens and the earth in his Body of Light. Then he took her soul up and revealed the Aeons of Light and Pleroma of light and the beginning and end of all creation, and the truth of the One-Without-End, the glory and splendor of which is the Light continuum. She beheld the Supernal Light of the world above, below and everywhere in between. Thus the Transfiguration became the consummation of their mystical union, and they became fully one Light-presence in the world on that holy day… On the evening of the Transfiguration, Mary chose three women disciples and took them to a sacred cave. Salome the maiden among them, and some say Martha. When they entered into the cave, Lady Mary began speaking the mysteries of the Christos and the Supernal Abode. She was transfigured before them and shone with visible light and glory as the Lord did upon the holy mountain.” – Tau Malachi, St. Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride


In the magical tradition of the Druids (followed by Jesus), we go to the place of power at the time of power to connect with our mother Gaia and through her with the Solar deity “our father who art in heaven.” The time is now Aug 6 to 22.


Invitation: If you’re in range, you are welcome to join our celebration circle August 7 from 1-3 pm on Roan Mountain at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Just bring a drum or other musical instrument and a picnic. Here are directions to the stone ring on Roan Mt: At the highest point on highway 143/226 in Roan Mt State Park turn onto the Park road going to the top of Roan Mountain. You’ll pass a park fee booth, fee $3. Take the next right into a parking area with restrooms at the far end left. Park and walk about 100 feet beyond to the ruins of the old Cloudland Hotel, great view here. Turn left on the trail and go another 100 feet to the fire area. The site is like a Druid grove and there’s a triple stone ring in the shape of a giant turtle… Roan is from rowan, one of the 13 Druid sacred trees. Rowans grow around stone circles all over Britain but they’re only seen above 5000 feet here. The rowan trees give Roan its name.



Gaia Awakening ~ Gaia is the name the ancients gave to our planet Earth. The Earth is a sentient being whose body is meaningfully divided into twelve zodiacal bands. Plato famously said, “The Earth viewed from heaven is like a ball with twelve stripes, each of a different color.” As different parts of the human body correspond to zodiacal signs, Aries head to Pisces feet, so do sections of the Earth. We are truly made in the image of Divine Nature! Regions of the Earth reflect the nature of the signs as evidenced in their regional mythologies, religions,and cultural traditions. In general, water signs are mostly ocean and earth signs are the world’s grain growing regions. The Amazon rain forest considered the lungs of the world is mostly Gemini, the sign the lungs. New movements begin in Aries, the sign of California and Arizona (or Aries-zona). Most of the U.S. (80-110 west) is Taurus “cowboy country” and the land of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the buffalo is America’s native bull. Also, in accord with the ancient “doctrine of signatures,” amazing relationships are seen between the constellations of the zodiacal decans (10 degree parts) and related sections of the Earth: Decan 1 Virgo / Bootes brackets the boot of Italy, decan 2 Libra, Draco the Dragon, holds the sinuous, open-mouthed dragon of the Ural mountains “coming down from the pole.”

Global consciousness (Gaia awakening) is quickened through awareness of this integral mythic fabric of the world. On Earth as it is in Heaven, all is in divine order.


The great global awakening is slated for late this fall specifically Dec 21 when all the cosmic forces align to shift the world into a new state of being. This is when the Feathered Serpent will fly in the Mayan view and it is when the Egyptian Bennu or Phoenix alights on the World Tree and the heart of Heliopolis, the City of the Sun. Both these myths describe the Planetary Initiation when global kundalini is raised to open the Divine Eye and complete the Pyramid of the Age.


Lughnasa/Lammas is the mid-Leo cross-quarter that occurs when the Sun crosses 15 Leo = 05 W Longitude, the degree of Belfast (literally, the stronghold of the Sun god Bel) and Michael’s Mount in southwest England. (Loch More in Scotland, Carnac in France, and Fez in Africa also are midpoint Leo in the Earth Zodiac.) Alan Leo’s symbol for 15 Leo is “An angel of the Sun [Michael], striking the Earth with the point of a dazzling sword.” St. Michael’s ley, one of England’s most powerful ley lines, conducts the fire of mid-Leo coming down from the pole across England from Michael’s Mount at the tip of Cornwall through Glastonbury Tor to Bury St. Edmunds and the eastern shore. Michael is the angel of fire and angel of the Sun. The Druids annually lit bonfires along St Michael’s ley line

beginning at Michael’s Mount and continuing through Glastonbury Tor and Avebury. The Olympic flame was carried this way this year! Fire carries spirit power in this time and place as the waters of the Ganges channel spiritual power through mid-Scorpio.


Note: The fires lit on mountain tops in Tolkien’s book The Return of the King are more than “signal fires,” these fires are lit in their time (equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarters) to awaken the Earth Spirit and invoke new light to defeat the forces of shadow. These fires may again be instrumental in winning the current Ring War. The most significant points in the zodiac are the four seasonal ingress degrees (equinoxes and solstices) and the cross-quarter degrees (midpoints of the fixed signs). Likewise the most significant points in the Earth Zodiac are the longitudinal degrees that correspond to these 8 key points in the zodiac. In Black Elk’s wise words: “The year is a circle around the world.”


These 8 turning times in the year mark the key festivals of the Celts and the Druids. The Druids were masters of celebration and they developed a sophisticated system of natural energy engineering in harmony with natural rhythms. Our understanding of solar eclipses is in large part from the Druids. A total eclipse of the Sun is the most important event that can happen in the heavens as it signals a renewing of the Earth’s relationship to the Sun. The Sun is one of the Druids two primary celestial deities, the other being the Moon in relation to the Earth. The Earth/Moon Spirit the Druids called Cerridwen and the Sun they named Hu or Lugh. Ock, an alternate name for Hu, signified the sacred Oak and the 8 (Ock) solar gates each year when oak is burned to open the way between worlds. These are times to fire on a new mythic story, times for awakening, times to begin a new chapter of creation.


The 2nd decan of Libra is Draco, the dragon that Aphrodite (or Hera) sets to guard her golden apple tree. 3rd decan Libra is Lupus, the wolf Chiron (constellation Centaurus) brings to the fiery altar Ara. All zodiacal signs and decan constellations have a light and a shadow, a positive expression and misapplication. According to the Native American myth there is a good and an evil wolf warring within us all and the one that wins is simply the one we feed. Now at the end of the age the Dragon, the Wolf and the Minotaur appear as powerful elements of the collective shadow bent on destruction. These sectors of the world (Draco = 50-60 degrees east, Lupus = 60-70 east, Corona Borealis = 30-40 east) include some of the most violence prone parts of the world and areas where women suffer the most oppression. This is more than coincidental, there is a direct relationship between the repression of feminine nature and violence in the world. Why in this region particularly? It is here in the 3rd decan Virgo (40-50 east) and in Venus/Persephone ruled Libra where the new feminine spirit is emerging that will break the tyranny of the old global order. When there is peace in the Middle East = Middle Earth there will be peace throughout the world. When women are free here, women will be free everywhere. Between now and the 11/13/12 solar eclipse the shadow wolf and dragon will be vanquished and Woman, the feminine soul of the world, will be set free.


Earth Phi Resonance Key to Freeing the Feminine Soul of the World ~ On the Gemini east coast of the U.S. many of the great discoveries in communications (telegraph, telephone) were made. Mercury rules Gemini and communications. More cosmically Gemini rules Freemasonry and here on the east coast of North America the stage has been set for a great global awakening portended by America’s founders. Elements of this stage set include a number of Earth phi resonance structures instrumental in this time. Resonance occurs when two objects are in harmonic relationship and so share vibration. Earth phi resonance occurs in objects related to the Earth’s diameter by the golden section or phi ratio. The phi proportion is a quality of living nature and of Venus, the feminine soul of the world. Working with dimensions that are in phi resonance with the Earth help bring peace, love and beauty to the world.


The phi proportion .61803 x Earth’s diameter 7920 miles = 4894.8 miles, this x .61803 = 3025.1 miles, etc. This done 22 times = .2 mi, the exact length of each side of the Pentagon; 26 times = 154.1′, the height of the Statue of Liberty; 27 times = 95.25’, the diameter of U.S. Capitol dome; x 36 = 15.0275 inches, the length of the peace prayer stick.


The most notable Earth phi structures we know of are the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol Dome and the Pentagon. The dimensions of all these structures can be found in the Earth phi resonance sequence. The diameter of the Earth multiplied by phi (.618) 22 times gives the exact edge of the Pentagon which is 1/5th of a mile. The Pentagon is an instrument created during World War II to offset the evil magic of Nazi Germany. The 9/11 terrorists knew this on some level, they were carrying on the fight of their predecessor shadow group. The Pentagon has a much greater purpose that will be realized in this time.


A 15 and 1/32 inch wand, peace stick or prayer stick can be used for clearing patterns of thought and behavior that block the way to world peace. This wand can also be used to draw a magic circle for effective meditation and prayer, These sticks are best cut fresh, the bark stripped right away (before it dries to the wood), and edges made smooth. A feather may be inserted into the soft pith of the freshly cut wood to make a more traditional Native American prayer stick. This is planted with intention at a place of natural power.



The Aquarian Avatars ~ Myths of all time are now coming to life. This is “the end time” and “the quickening” and “the rapture.” It is the end of the Piscean Age and beginning of the Aquarian when we follow the water bearer into the “upper room.” This is the Norse Ragnarok, the age of fire and ice, when the Fenris Wolf [Lupus] is set loose and the Dragon [Draco] comes down from the Pole to shake the world. Still, despite all these earth shaking sometimes frightening changes, a positive outcome is foreseen. Just how positive and how soon depends on what we do. This is the time of “the war in heaven and earth” and war in heaven means conflict in the psychic or astral world. As the battle is won on the subtle planes war and violence end in the outer world. Alice Bailey calls the astral plane the battleground of the white magician. This is a magical war for which Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings has prepared us.


Generally a singular spiritual teacher or Avatar has incarnated every 500 years, the mythic lifespan of the Phoenix. The last of these world teachers was the Iroquois Messenger in 1500, before this Quetzalcoatl came as Kulkulcan in 1000, King Arthur & Mohammed lived in 500-600, Jesus was born circa 0-4 BCE, Buddha about 500 BCE, Krishna 1000 BCE, etc.


The current avataric descent will be a group avatarship in keeping with the nature of Aquarius. The Avatar of Synthesis (a.k.a. the White Horse Avatar) is said to come from far beyond this plane of creation, from outside our solar system, perhaps from the galactic core. According to the esoteric works of Alice A. Bailey, this transcendent being descends to the level of the higher astral plane and then focuses spiritual power through the triad of the Christ (our solar logos), Earth’s Manu and ray 1 master Morya to awakening a myriad of avatars male and female on Earth. The classic figure for awakening in this time is 144,000, a group that will presumably include that 100th monkey avatar who will shift our planetary consciousness into a new state of being.


“The reappearance of the Christ and coming of the Avatar of Synthesis is the one great event for which all people wait. The two are to be as one. This reappearance will include many thousands of people who lift their attention up to receive and channel the new light.” – Alice Bailey


Chiron, Chariklo and the White Horse Avatars ~ Chiron/Centaurus is 2nd decan Leo where the Sun is Aug 1-10. The Chiron myth is reactivated each year as the Sun crosses mid-Leo. Those born in this decan (President Barack Obama included) play a Chironic role in the world. Chiron has many roles to play: He is a bridge between worlds (a “rainbow bridge”) and he is a maverick who defies easy classification. Chiron is neither left nor right, he is a radical centrist, master of the golden mean and middle pillar. Reflecting this in the physical, Chiron is the only small planetary body that astronomers have classified as both a minor planet or asteroid and as a comet. Chiron has a coma like a comet! In myth Chiron is the teacher of the Greek heroes, he also taught Aesclepius the art of medicine. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and his wound (accidentally inflicted by Hercules or himself) causes great agony. Finally to be free of his pain Chiron gives up his immortal life to free Prometheus from the underworld. So Chiron is known as the god of the sacrifice and considered a mythic forerunner of Christ. Of all the stories told about Chiron there is none so instructive (so elusive) as that which is depicted in the heavens: Chiron lives at a time when there is a war between the gods and goddesses of Olympus and old world giants called the Titans. Whatever the new gods create the Titans seek to destroy. Chiron sees that the gods and goddesses are losing this battle only because they are not working together, each has their own altar and following and they’re not co-ordinating well enough to win the war. So Chiron gathers all the gods and goddesses around a common fiery altar high on a mountaintop where he unites them to defeat the Titansgins. But in order for this uniting ritual to succeed Chiron must sacrifice the wolf Lupus on the fiery altar. Through this great ritual the gods and goddesses are united, the Titans are defeated, and a new golden age begins.


Chiron appears as constellation Centaurus holding the wolf Lupus, over the fiery altar Ara. These constellations are part of the original set of 48 constellations (including the zodiacal signs) used by the ancients to describe all that occurs in the world. Each decan of zodiac has its own “decan constellation” or “decan star sign” and each has a Tarot card (one of the 36 minor arcana). Centaurus/Chiron, decan 2 Leo, is 0-10 West in the zodiac projected on Earth, This region includes London at the 20th degree of Leo in conjunction with Merak, a bright star in Ursa Major (a.ka. Arthur’s wain) that is known as the Star of the Avatar (see the final paragraph below).


The ‘burning up of the wolf’ is a key phase of psychic alchemy (see Liz Greene’s Dynamics of the Unconscious), referring to the transformation of primal energy. Lupus symbolizes the shadow aspect of the psyche and represents all that is renegade to our soul’s purpose. This wolf has to be transformed before the diverse elements of personality (the gods and goddesses) can be unified. The global shadow wolf must be transformed before we can enter the new age. In Norse mythology we’re in the time of Ragnarok the last war at the end of the age when the Fenris wolf is set loose to terrorize the world. In the zodiac projected on Earth 3rd decan Libra, Lupus the Wolf, brackets Afghanistan and includes most of Pakistan. So how is the shadow wolf transformed? The instructions are given in the Lupus the Wolf decan Tarot Key 4 of Swords:


The Four of Swords reflects the nature of the Lupus the Wolf decan constellation. Here we see a man lying on an altar-like cot in what looks to be a chapel. In the upper left of the frame there is a stained glass window with a woman standing and a man kneeling before her. This could be Mother Mary and a worshiper or he could have a musical instrument and be a troubadour serenading his beloved. This scene represents reverence for the divine feminine and spiritual nature. The way to the higher world is through the feminine. The transformation of the shadow wolf opens the way within. The reclining man has hands as if in prayer directly over his solar plexus. The solar plexus is a fire chakra, it is the fiery altar to which Chiron brings the shadow wolf. Beside the stained glass window there is a rod pointing downward toward the sexual chakra of the reclining figure and at the bottom of this rod is the small head of a wolf. The instructions in this card are clear: Lie on your back (ideally head north) elbows at your side and bring your hands together finger tips touching over the solar plexus. Take several deep breaths while the energy from the palm chakras activates the solar plexus. Then whatever needs to be transformed will move through your palms onto the altar fire. A few deep breaths in this position will transform whatever comes through.


Chariklo, the Other Wise Centaur On March 13th 2010, I dreamed of an approaching cosmic alignment when a “centaur,” a type of minor planet, would occult a fixed star and signal the beginning of significant Earth changes. I didn’t get the whole name, just that it began with letters c-h-a-r. When I woke up, my thought was this couldn’t be true as I believed Chiron the only member of the centaur family (planetoids between Saturn and Neptune) large enough for astrological effect. I was surprised to find there is a centaur larger than Chiron (160 miles diameter to Chiron’s 144). The name is Chariklo and she is the feminine counterpart and mythological partner of Chiron. Similar to “the maverick” Chiron, Chariklo defies classification, sometimes appearing as a centaur and at other times as a wood nymph. And true to my dream, on 3 Feb 2011, Chariklo occulted a star in the constellation Lupus the Wolf. Chariklo is larger than the 144 mile diameter limit I’ve found applies for astrological effect so we need to consider her in our charts. Where is your Chariklo? The July 28 New Mercury chart has slow moving Chariklo at 8 Sagittarius conjunct the Moon in a Grand Trine with Leo Sun/Mercury and Aries Uranus, so she is entering our story book now.


“The struggle between Ahriman, Darkness, and Ormazd, Light, has been going on in the world continually since the beginning of time. When the worst arrives and Ahriman will seem to have conquered the world and corrupted all mankind, then will appear the Saviour, Sosiosh. He will come seated upon a white horse and followed by an army of good genii equally mounted on milk-white steeds. And this we find faithfully copied in the Revelation: ‘I saw heaven opened, and beheld a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true – And the armies which were in heaven followed upon white horses’ (Rev 19)” – H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled pp 236-37


“It is under the form of a white horse that Vishnu has to appear at the end of the Kali Yug. Now is it not easily seen how perfect is the identity of this doctrine with that of St. John as taught in the Apocalypse? … This White Horse upon which Sosiosh (the Mazdean saviour) rides, like Vishnu, is the Horse of the Sun, Shiloh is the Sun’s city, and Shiloh is the God-Messiah, or King coming from the Sun …Arabs represented Iauk (Iach) by a Horse, the Horse of the Sun.” – Paul Davidson, The Book of Light and Life or the Essence of the Sohar page 53



Signs of the Time


Zen Mind / Zen Horse People’s Pharmacy radio show 687 aired on NPR August 4 features an interview with the neurosurgeon Allan Hamilton regarding his work with horses in physical and psychic healing. The gist is we have to be in the right brain to commune with horses and this helps balance the psyche expediting healing, This kind of horse sense may also be a key for avatar want to bes.


The Higgs Boson May Have ‘Five Faces’ ! The Higgs Boson, popularly dubbed the God Particle, is a force carrying particle that fills a gap connecting the other 4 primary force carrying particles that are related to the 4 elementary forces and directions. Air/East is the W-particle that carries the weak atomic force. Fire/South is the photon carrying electrical energy. Water/West is the gluon that holds everything together (the gluon quark is charm!) and North/Earth is the graviton responsible for the force of gravity. The “Higgs Boson” is the 5th Element or Quintessence equated with Love in the movie The 5th Element. 5 is the number of Venus. The Higg’s Boson discovery announced July 4 is yet another sign of the emergence of the new Avatars in this auspicious year.


The Star of the Avatar Shines on the Olympics – Ursa Major, the Great Bear, is one of the most mythically charged constellations in the heavens. In Alice A. Bailey’s esoteric astrology the 7 bright stars composing the ‘Big Dipper’ Ursa Major are the sources of the 7 rays of creation expressed through our solar system’s 7 ‘sacred planets’ and the 7 primary colors radiating from the Sun. One of these stars (Merak) is identified as an energy source of the new Avatar and it is located at 20 Leo the degree of London in the Earth Zodiac. It is wonderfully timely how the world’s attention has been drawn to this city while the Sun is transiting the 10-20 Leo Centaurus/Chiron decan. Here in the land of the White Horse Avatar the magic is stirring to call forth the Avatars of our time. In Tolkien’s cosmology Ursa Major is called Valacirca, the ‘Sickle of the Gods’ or ‘Sickle of the Valar’. “This constellation is by the Elves called the Sickle of the Stars but by Men called the Burning Briar. It hung above the North as a threat to Melkor and an omen of his fall; the Judgment day.”- JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion


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