Mysterious Pyramid Appears Overnight in North Carolina!

On April 1, 2011, following a series of intense storms in Mooresville, North Carolina on March 30th & 31st, 2011, a mysterious new pyramid appeared to emerge from nowhere in the early morning mist! Traffic was stopped (as usual) in the early morning rush on Brawley School Road as people gawked at what had appeared seemingly overnight in a previously flat landscape.

Clearly this is the work of extraterrestrial beings!” exclaimed 7th grader Austin L. from the back seat of his family car. “No, it is a sign of what is to come in 2012!” retorted another local resident who struggled to get their child to school on time in the backed-up traffic.

Law enforcement organized investigative teams to explore the site thoroughly. One officer was noted to remark: “Hey, I used to enjoy ‘The X-Files‘ when it was on t.v., but I never thought I would be involved in one here! This is pretty weird… but also exciting… and mysterious.” After a full day of excitement, local townspeople were astonished when a member of the Department of Transportation showed up with a thermos of coffee and a baker’s dozen of doughnuts and yelled at everyone to “Clear the site! How do you expect us to ever finish what we’re doing here if you all stay here gawking all day?!”

Wow! Turns out the whole ‘pyramid’ was only a pile of dirt that the NC DOT had hauled into the area to work on the never-ending project to expand Brawley School Road in Mooresville, NC! This project has been going on for several months and is hoped to finally be completed by 2012… so perhaps it will indeed be a sign of things to come when it is eventually completed.

Oh….. must just be a sign of these 9 remaining days of Mercury in retrograde… and hope everyone has a very Happy April Fool’s Day!! Tee hee…. just couldn’t resist! May your mood be ‘shifted’ for the better and ‘lighter’ as you peruse other posts here that just might Shift Your Life!

Loads of Light to you all! 🙂

Tracy & Marion (The Shift Doctors)

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  1. Hi Tracy
    So nice to see you are well and doing so great with your book and everything else. This is caren, remember we met a few years back……Janine’s cousin…..I am living back in South Africa now and love it, such a spiritual high over here…….with my family……moved back about 1 year ago……and it’s awesome. So many positive changes here in our country,,,,,and it is so beautifull…..

    Big hugs and bless you with your good work!

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