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This is from Doc Childre , from the Heart Math De Stress Kit.

Prayer or Meditation
Prayer or meditation can make attitude adjustments easier, especially as you center in your heart and try to find a more objective state. Feeling compassion for yourself and others or feeling gratitude can be a form of prayer or meditation. These practices help quiet the mind and can bring you new perspectives that restore hope and direction. Research has shown that sending appreciative or compassionate feelings to other people or issues can have a beneficial effect on the hormonal and immune systems. Anything that boosts the immune system is worth practicing, especially during periods of prolonged stress. Sending appreciation, care or compassion to others also helps to balance the nervous system and create more harmonious heart rhythms. This, in turn, helps balance your mental and emotional system, which helps reduce anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.
Whatever your religious or spiritual practices may be, genuinely applying them through these challenging times can be very beneficial. Such practices have been shown to restore hope and increase confidence. While stress can cause a disconnection from your heart feelings, this connection can be re-established. Many people have made comebacks from painful places. I have and you can as well, with genuine commitment and self-application. The most important step I took in recovering from a past crisis was reopening my heart through deeper care, compassion and appreciation for others. This sparked the gradual return of my inner self-security—the missing piece in moving on and recreating my life.

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