Monochord Vibrational Healing

To experience a vibrational healing with a monochord table is a truly magical and cosmic experience. It not only lifts one to the level of the “Music of the Spheres” it can assist in raising consciousness as well as relaxing and aligning the body.

Overtones, known also as harmonics, were first discovered in the West over 2600 years ago by Pythagoras. This well known Greek philosopher, mathematician and musician spent years studying sound and vibration. His study of ratios on the monochord led philosophers to believe that these ratios also governed the movement of planets and other cosmic elements. Not only did this provide a link between the world of physical experience and numerical relationships, giving birth to mathematical physics, it explained that all sounds were composed of multiple vibrations or frequencies, not just one, as our ears generally perceive.

In addition, this raised music to one of the highest intellectual pursuits. Furthermore, since the “perfection of sounds” could now be revealed by numbers, all simple numeric ratios could be visualized as sounds. Kepler’s “harmony of the spheres” is based on this, as well as harmonically resounding architecture.

Enjoy your journey!

The Shift Doctors

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  1. Just found your website(and subscribed to your newsletter.) I watched the video of the monochord table and I felt the vibrations from the video. Wow. I’m still vibrating. Tuning forks haven’t affected me like this.

    Now if there were a way to make something like this cost effective for individuals. (I already checked out the cost of the table and the “singing chair”. They’re a tad pricey.

    I also checked out CDs using this. Haven’t yet found any. I don’t want added music, vibrato, etc. It’s the sound that I heard in this video that is so pure. Have you considered recording it as an mp3 or CD? I’d buy one.

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