Marshall Smith, Spiritual Anatomy and The Continuing Journey with Charles Curcio

To fully understand the principles of why we as spiritual beings have a physical body opens one to the awareness that the underlying nature of the Godhead lies fully within each of us.” – Marshall Smith

Delphi University is an exceptional place. How blessed we all are to work and study there. Delphi exists thanks to the wonderful founders and staff, the high spiritual energies that operate there, and of course, the participation and contribution of  students. One of the founders was Marshall Smith, who along with Patricia Hayes pioneered and developed Delphi University.

Marshall’s greatest love was Spiritual Anatomy, the study of the true nature and cause of disease, and the relationship of the human body and subtle energy fields to the Universe. Marshall taught his last Spiritual Anatomy classes at Delphi University in 2009, and he passed along his teachings and expertise to us in his 2 volume series titled Spiritual Anatomy Book I and II (picture of Book I above). In the Summer and Fall of 2010, Kimberly Curcio, myself, Steve Smith, and Nancy Smith, were given the responsibility to carry on these teachings. What an honor and a privilege this has been for us.

Spiritual Anatomy is an ancient concept that embodies four major truths:
1. The physical body is designed according to universal cosmic patterns, and responds to violations of cosmic law with disharmony and/or disease.
2. Thoughts and feelings reflect themselves in the physical body whether positive or negative, with the resulting good or bad health.
3. The process of creation and Man’s physiology is constantly evolving and unfolding as he heals himself and expresses higher thoughts and feelings.
4. The evolutionary journey of man is the discovery and expression of his true spiritual nature, and the spiritual development of his physical vessel and subtle bodies.

Spiritual Anatomy is far more than the name implies, for Spiritual Anatomy is really about the study of and the participation in the Human Journey to Enlightenment. God has fashioned these incredible vehicles through which we live and experience life, the human energy system, a replication of the Universe, the microcosm of the macrocosm. And through these vehicles we express our lives on Earth, and through our positive intention and actions we will evolve these bodies to accommodate higher states of consciousness and awareness.

In the Judeo-Christian heritage, man’s recorded spiritual history begins with the Patriarchs of old, of Abraham, Moses, and Solomon. In these ancient times, God spoke to man externally, from the outside. This was our ancient tradition, where God speaks to man and man answers. In modern man, God now speaks from within us.

The evolutionary journey of man is to develop from the child to the father. When the child becomes the father, he is able to step into the role of the father and in essence becomes the Father Himself, made in the image and likeness of God. To be made in the image of God means to be Spirit, and indeed, each of our Higher Selves is the Spirit of God, made and projected in His image. To be made in the likeness of God means to have the same attributes and abilities, the foremost of which is creation, the ability to create according to our will, just as the Father. We are all creators. But what is it that we desire to create? Most of mankind is focused on creations of the physical world. But the spiritually aware focus on higher expressions, expressions of love, light, and healing.

The study of Spiritual Anatomy, the study of man’s evolutionary journey, is also the process by and through which we grow and evolve. As man heals himself and evolves to higher states of consciousness, so too does his vehicle such that he prepares it to receive his highest expression of his consciousness, to provide a place fit for the indwelling of his Spirit, his Higher or God Self. Concurrent with this development is the evolution of man’s thoughts and feelings, the healing of his lower desires and imbalances, and the evolvement of his physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. As man’s thoughts, feelings, and expression evolves, so too do his physical and subtle bodies. Since man creates with his thoughts, he must express and think higher thoughts in order to manifest higher creations of love, light, and Spirit. And because his desires give power and substance to his creative thoughts, he must evolve from having and expressing lower and base desires to the highest expression of desire, the Desire Body of God, the creator of goodness which seeks the best for all creation.

Our current focus is and will continue to be the refinement of these bodies, leading up to the development of the Lightbody. This is accomplished by the coding and programming of the non-coded DNA, which is approximately 85% of the total DNA of man. When you consider this and the significant under- utilization of man’s brain, the usage of which many scientists claim to be about 10%, it is clear that we have a great and as yet unfulfilled potential both in our physical bodies and the capacity of our thoughts. The ultimate evolution of man from homo sapiens to the Adam Kadmon body involves an alchemical transformation of man where his DNA is no longer encased by emotions (the element of water) but by God Desire (the element of fire). Additionally, our chakra system is and will expand from the original seven to a twelve chakra system, allowing us to incorporate more Divine attributes into our energy fields such as Divine Thought, Expression, Hearing, Unconditional Love, and the ultimate state of man’s evolution, Christ Consciousness, and the accompanying balance of the male and female energies within each of us. This too is Spiritual Anatomy.

One of the most interesting and compelling attributes of our current Spiritual Anatomy training and study is in the area of  Reflective Etheric Healing. The Etheric Body (also called the Vital Body and Life Body) is composed of four layers or ethers (spiritual energies). The highest layer, the Reflective Ether, is found only in man. Reflective Etheric Healing is a process that uses the reflective nature of this ether to bring healing to diseased body conditions through imagery and etheric birthing. This process re-establishes the memory of a perfect un-diseased state in the diseased organ or body part or function, with the requisite birthing energy for the organ, body part, and/or function to heal and replace itself. In Reflective Healing, the healer and the client jointly manifest and create a new organ or body part which begins in the Reflective Ether, and then bring this creation to life working down through the three remaining etheric layers, and then implanting the new organ in the body. This new organ/part then replaces and takes over the function of the diseased organ or part until the only thing remaining is the new healthy organ, part, or function. Some of our graduates are using the technique with excellent results, and this is but one of the benefits of Spiritual Anatomy which we believe will only grow and expand in the future. The subject of Spiritual Anatomy is fascinating, and the benefits are unlimited.

We would like to extend our humble gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Marshall Smith for his tireless devotion, pioneering spirit, and his unequalled expertise in the field of Spiritual Anatomy. It is a legacy from which we can and will learn a great deal and through which we can bring a whole new level of love, light, and healing into our world.

Thank you Marshall (and Patricia) for your gifts of Love, Light, and Healing.

Charles Curcio with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

-Charles Paul Curcio has been a gifted healer throughout his life.  He began his spiritual studies as a young man and used these principles to become a successful entrepreneur and self-made man.  Charles is the founder and former CEO of Tire Kingdom.  In 1996 he retired from his business to devote his life fully to the service of healing and teaching. In his work as a director and instructor at Delphi, Charles has taught and introduced many new healing therapies including Color & Sound Healing and Psychic Surgery using Laser Crystals.  Charles and his wife Kimberly are also Directors of the Church of Wisdom, and are the builders of the beautiful Temple of Wisdom Complex at Delphi.

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