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The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are thrilled to have our guest blogger, Annie Burnside, with us once again! A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed. is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. Her book Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2010) offers everyday mediums and universal, life-affirming themes to those families seeking to expand spiritual awareness in the home. Annie resides in Chicago, IL with her husband and three children. To find out more about Annie check out her website at

Annie Burnside is a parent, educator, and professional soul nurturer, residing in the Chicago area. As a soul nurturer, she helps others to awaken to their own spiritual truths by providing spiritual support and encouragement. She assists her clients to view their lives from an expanded spiritual perspective, helping them to remember their divine, intuitive, eternal nature as they integrate this spiritual truth into their life decisions. Burnside’s teachings inspire others to reconnect with their spirit and listen to the voice of their own soul. Her open, gentle approach encompasses all spiritual paths.
Love & Family Consciousness by Annie Burnside, M.Ed.

Take a Pause
OK— the first suggestion. Discuss the importance of being tuned in to your emotional guidance system at all times. Teach your children to recognize when it is time to take a pause from an external focus and seek internal stillness when negative emotions alert them to discord in their energetic vibration. Often times, disharmonious energy can be diffused somewhat by taking a few moments to reconnect with the deep, quiet space within. This inner pause may allow the outer choices that follow to be of a higher quality.

Conscious Breath and Meditation are two simple ways to redirect discordant energy and begin to once again step into the divine flow that is present reality. Conscious Breath can be done on the spot by taking several deep breaths while focused on the feel of this life-giving air moving through your body in two fluid directions. Meditation is a time-out from the outside world and can be done in a variety of ways in the space of as little as ten minutes, or more depending on your interest and dedication. I feel that the important aspect in this discussion is teaching your children to view Conscious Breath and Meditation as daily options for shifting negative energy so that future choices may be made from a calmer and more open perspective. Model Conscious Breath and Meditation for your children often. Encourage them to view these two methods as highly beneficial in regard to their taking full responsibility for their interaction with external forces. Stress with them the importance of being totally cognizant of their emotional state of being so that they may always be aware of their point of attraction in creating their reality.

Love Bigger, Love Wider, Love Deeper
Discuss the importance of choosing to love yourself and others in a bigger, wider, and deeper way. Love is ever-expanding and individuals must continually assess their openness to give and receive love. Encourage your children to always err on the side of bigger, wider, and deeper when it comes to love. Cite many examples in your own life where you chose to increase the love offered and examples where you chose the opposite. Express your feelings after each experience. Invite each family member to share a life experience where he made a more loving choice and one in which he did not. Encourage a comparison of the outcomes created by loving bigger versus remaining neutral or negative. At the end of the discussion, you may listen to a song (we used Tina Arena’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”) that encourages loving bigger or meditate together for several minutes focusing on the word LOVE.


Annie Burnside with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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