Let the Intuitive Artist Emerge From Within You!!

IMG_1392I couldn’t draw a stick figure if my life depended on it!

That is what many students say before their first Entura Art class. The beauty of this art form is that anyone can do Entura Art!

Entering a meditative state and communicating with spirit in a manner similar to automatic writing, Entura Art is automatic, fun, free-flowing and uses color. There is little thinking involved. Standard art itself involves left brain for technique, and Entura Art requires no formal technical knowledge. In fact, the beauty of Entura Art is that NO prior art training or experience is necessary.


Relaxation and inquisitiveness is key. You ask a question while in a meditative state and the information is received. It is as if you serve as an antennae and container collecting the information until you sit down to draw it. The information which is in the form of energy then flows from you and comes out on paper. Often with amazing results! Without intending to, people draw animals, places, forms, and people in startling detail. Each element and form that expresses on the paper has a reason for appearing.

In an Entura Art course, exercises are used to assist with relaxation and entering a meditative state; and students write down or discuss their interpretations of artwork completed in class. In a beginner class the artwork is done while either blindfolded or with eyes closed. This assists students with truly getting ‘out of their head’ and removing ‘ego’ while doing the artwork. With practice and trust of the energy that is flowing, a student can eventually progress to removing the blindfold without allowing their mind and intention to get in the way of allowing the information to flow through onto paper unhindered. After you complete the art, the relaxed state continues because it is from interpretation of the image that the information is received.

Recall that the artwork answers a question. The images are often very beautiful and wonderful to view. No matter how many times you see the image, you may see something new in the artwork that you have never seen before. The information is luminous and multidimensional, representative of our spiritual selves. The artwork appears to change over time to continually give more information- whether you are looking at the physical artwork or a digital image of it. One amazed student recently told us “It is as if it takes on a life of its own after it is drawn!”


When a person is involved in the process of Entura Art, floods of sensations, feelings and ideas move through you – a completely different experience for many people. It is cosmic, connecting and yet familiar. Many students report, “It is like returning to my cosmic home or spiritual center – warm, loving and joyful”. This state of being is always available to each of us. It is expressive and deepens your relationship with your interpretation of God, Source, Universe, Spirit or Unity. For those who may have had difficulty learning to ‘let go’ to meditate, Entura Art may be the creative breakthrough that can serve you best. It certainly enhances your intuitive abilities.


You can actually use this artwork to connect energetically with a person, animal, or place as well as spiritual beings or concepts (i.e., such a Love, Compassion, Unity). You can ‘tune in’ to a person or animal that is sitting in front of you or by using a photograph of them (when using a photo you can connect with a person or animal that is far away or no longer alive since you are connecting with their energy or soul that is never-ending) and then enter a meditative state to ask a question. 

During Entura Art introductory classes we perform exercises that allow you to experience drawing Soul Portraits for classmates. In more intensive classes we do more advanced exercises to investigate events, places, and Soul Portraits to ask questions from long-lost Loved Ones.

Soul Portraits are an interesting way of seeing your self or another person as well as seeing the guides, spiritual beings, energies and angels around us all. Soul artwork may include gifts, themes or energies that you have brought forward from other lifetimes as well as information about purpose in this lifetime.

 We LOVE to share the gift of Entura Art with those who have an interest in exploring this spiritually awakening art form to enhance their meditative or intuitive abilities  – we also enjoy sharing Entura Art with technically experienced artists who have an interest in expanding their own gifts.

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We periodically schedule Introductory Entura Art classes open to the public for those who want a peek and a taste of this intuitive art form – and then we schedule more Intensive Entura Art 2-3 day courses for people who want to delve more deeply into a more enriched Entura Art experience. We also have taught Entura Art to private groups around the U.S. and the world – contact us if you have a group of 8-10 or more people that desire a private Entura Art class. For current class schedules click here.




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