James Van Praagh calls Trinfinity8 an “Out of This World” Tool


James Van Praagh featured the story behind the Trinfinity8 device as recounted by its inventor, Dr. Kathy Forti, on his Hay House Radio for the Soul show on August 26, 2014. Below you will find the link to listen to the full interview titledFractals of God’ (also the name of Kathy’s book describing her journey):


If you are interested in finding out more about the Trinfinty 8 device, taking it for a test drive or purchasing one, please contact us at info@shiftyourlife.com

We (“The Shift Doctors”Tracy Latz & Marion Ross) along with Tracy Andersen (from the Trinfinity8 home office) recently introduced the Trinfinity8 device to the presenters, inventors and attendees at the 2014 Tesla Tech conference (“the home for extraordinary technology”) in Albuquerque, NM . They ranked us as one of the top 3 vendors present at the conference. 🙂

“Shift Doctors” Tracy Latz and Marion Ross with John Milewski and Tracy Andersen at the Tesla Tech Amazing Technology Conference in Albuquerque

We believe it is time for high vibrational Light to be brought to the masses as quickly as possible.

Help shine the Light by getting a device of your own to assist in raising the consiousness of the planet and for healing for humans, animals and the Earth – or help by sharing this post with other Light-bearers.

In Service, Love & Light,

The Shift Doctors” – Tracy Latz & Marion Ross

** Contact Marion & Tracy at info@shiftyourlife.com to arrange a test drive or to see how you can own a Trinfinity8 of your own OR to arrange talks on the T8. You can also learn more about Trinfinity8 and other quantum devices in our Shift Store and at multidimensionalhealingcenter.com

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