Is Happiness Knocking at Your Door?

What's knocking at your door?
What’s knocking at your door?

What is the key to happiness? Is it already at our door and we just don’t recognize it? Is it a frame of mind, a stage in life, an unreachable goal?

The keys to experiencing happiness are not really such a mystery- but it takes some honesty with one’s self and a willingness to shift one’s perceptions or patterns. Here are a few tips that assist with experiencing an increase in your joy & happiness:

1. Live in the moment– When we are constantly focusing on what happened in the past or worrying about what might occur in the future, we do not even leave a space for happiness to enter. When we worry about “being hurt again” or “the worst case scenario” that might occur in the future, we are living our lives from a place of fear. Fear and happiness are incompatible states of being. Fear/stress also takes a lot of energy and drains our body’s endocrine system and immune system- it accounts for the increasingly diagnosed Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

2. Practice less judgment and more acceptance– Recall that we are reflections of one another.  When we judge another, we also judge our self. When we are in a place of judgment, we have difficulty accepting what is occurring in our own lives and thus we resist the only opportunity for transformation (acceptance, forgiveness of self/others & creating anew from a place of empowerment).

3. Practice gratitude– When we focus on the positive in our life, our world, our body, our relationships, we create an opening for more positivity, joy, love and happiness in our lives. When we live from a perception of lack and futility, we can only see more lack and futility on a daily basis. We limit our own experiences.

4. Beware of distractions from painful experiences–  Excessive food, alcohol, substances, shopping, sex, gambling, internet, gaming, etc can be usedwittingly or unwittingly to numb one’s self to overwhelming internal emotions. However, it prevents us from moving forward and creating joy. When we numb an emotion (fear, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety), we numb ALL emotions, including joy, wonder, and love. We can become numb to everything and everyone. We lose our passion and can become disconnected from our Purpose.

5. Be aware of and choose the emotions you dance in– We are a victim of no one and no thing. Nobody truly makes us angry, afraid, guilty, or sad. We choose to become angry (or whatever) because of what we believe it means about us that someone did or said whatever they did. Our emotions are the most powerful substance that exists in humanity for creation in our lives- what will you choose to propel the creations in your life with? Anger? Fear? Or Love & Compassion? Choose wisely!

6. Examine your internal belief systems and become aware of which ones are limiting beliefs and no longer creating what you desire in your life– We all tend to live our lives from the perception of our own ‘reality boxes’. It is important to intermittently step back, examine the box (dogma) you have been living from, and choose to step out of the box to expand your perceptions and horizons.  This is what emotional and spiritual growth is all about.

7. Create your self and your life anew– Create differently! Take action! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome. If you haven’t been experiencing as much joy and happiness as you would like, isn’t it time to make a change?

If you need assistance in transforming the obstacles that are keeping you stuck form experiencing all the joy & happiness you desire in your life, you might find out books helpful: “SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life” or “Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation”. We are available via our Facebook fan page for questions and discussions.

Much Light and Happiness to you all!

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.

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  1. Living in the moment is so important, so many people worry about the future that they don’t really live in the moment and it causes such anxiety. And that anxiety can lead to exhaustion. Next time you find yourself worrying try to challenge yourself to think in the now.

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