How To Keep Spirits Up On Those Down Days

Focus on what you are grateful for in your life or on activities that bring peace and joy into your life. Go listen to live music or play an instrument; play a sport or go to your favorite sporting event. Paint, sculpt, take photos, create some form of art or go to an art exhibition or museum and appreciate someone else’s creation. If you like to be around the house, you can sew, play cards, mow the lawn, dig in the garden, tend to your flowers, watch the birds, woodwork, or build a dollhouse or a full-scale house. Wash your car with love; or work on its engine. Connect with others; call or visit your favorite family members and friends. Invite friends over or have a party. Write a letter, e-mail or a book.
NOTE: The activities you choose should be enjoyable to you and not a chore. These activities are meant to bring a sense of inner peace and joy into your life – not more stress.

Accomplish some fun goals: go float or build your boat (sail or motor); go kayaking, rafting or canoeing; attend a religious service, bask in the sun, go to the gym, meditate, journal; do Tai Chi; take a trip to the book store; take cooking lessons; go back to school. Take a bath. Light a candle.

Engage in some philanthropic activity. Whether it?s helping someone mow the lawn, do his or her homework, serve in a soup kitchen, do healing work, or volunteer in a hospital; it can add richness, purpose, and a sense of meaning to our life when we are also mindfully helping others rather than just ourselves.

Do Figure 8’s to activate joyful circuits- dance in figure 8’s, move your body in figure 8 patterns or draw figure 8’s on paper.  Try it! It really works 🙂

The list of potential joy and internal peace-inspiring activities are only limited by your imagination.

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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  1. I loved seeing my own words in your article. Serendipity when people who don’t know each other, nor have read each other’s works but have similar philosophies say or write almost identical things. I’m referring to “Engage in some philanthropic activity.” Definitely a point I’ve made the book on grieving that I’m writing.

    My philanthropic activity for tomorrow, New Year’s Day, is to talk a walk along the streets and paths I usually run. I’m going to carry a trash bag and pick up the litter that I usually run by. I hope some of the readers will join me in starting off the New Year by doing something that benefits your community.

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