How Consciousness Affects DNA and Water: An Interview with Glen Rein


The “Shift DoctorTracy Latz interviews  Dr.Glen Rein at the Water Conference in Bulgaria about his research on  consciousness of water and cells and the scientific effects of intention on cells. In the above video, Dr. Latz questions Dr. Rein about the implications his research has for humans and daily effects of our own consciousness on our own cells!

** Dr. Glen Rein, PhD is a biochemist and expert researcher in subtle energy and consciousness . His research led to changes in the physical structure of water with EM fields, thus changing its physical properties and allowing for its application to produce novel, enhanced effects in products for the skin-care industry. For the past 25 years he has pursued an academic career in traditional biomedical research at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools, where he studied neuroscience, immunology, psychoneuroimmunology and bioelectromagnetics. His bioelectromagnetics research culminated with an assistant professorship at Mt. Sinai Medical school and a publication in the prestigious journal Nature.

** Dr. Tracy Latz, MD, MS, MHD is a physician, integrative psychiatrist, cell biologist and metaphysician. Dr. Marion Ross is the other “Shift Doctor” at and is a transpersonal psychologist and metaphysician. The ‘Shift Doctors’ love “Giving You the Keys to Shift Your Life” by bringing forth technologies and information to the public for discerning use.

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