Heart Math De- Stress Tools Continued…

More suggestions from the Heart Math Institute De Stress Kit.

Sleep is especially important during times of increased stress. However, many people can’t sleep well due to increased stress. If you have a hard time sleeping, get what sleep you can and try not to overdramatize your concerns about it, as that only makes it worse. Breathing an attitude of calm and relaxation for five minutes or so before bed has helped many people get more restful sleep. The Internet offers many suggestions for improving sleep, including diet, exercise and stretching. But as with most advice on the Internet, you have to use discretion. Due to increasing problems with sleep issues, many are turning to prescription medications. While medication may be necessary in some situations, people have a tendency to overmedicate in the pursuit of quick fixes. It’s worth checking out alternative methods, in case something simple helps. If medication is necessary, it is wise to follow the advice of a physician.

We suggest the Over Energy correction to cut the chatter in your head or calm you down when you are feeling  overwhelmed. To correct for over-energy: Cross the left ankle over the right, extend arms with backs of hands facing each other, bring right handover left, clasp fingers together, fold arms and hands inward and rest on the chest under the chin; rest tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth, breathe deeply for 1-2 minutes. It’s very calming for most individuals and can be used as a separate exercise to promote sleep and reduce acute anxiety.

For more information on how to reduce stress click on the link to the Heart Math Institute: www.heartmath.org

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