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~ More Details About the Class ~

Shift Your Life® Multidimensional
Healing Class
Friday, January 11, 2019 7:00-9:00PM​​

  • Tap into the Unlimited Potential that is your Birthright!
  • Learn to Heal your Self while healing others (people and pets)!
  • Allow your innate abilities to awaken in less than 2 hours!
  • No previous healing experience necessary!
  • No age limit (for Children who are able to focus on class and Adults)!
  • This 2-hour class has transformed thousands of lives!
  • Learn the secret of the Power of Eight and how to use Intention successfully 

Spiritual Anatomy Parts I & 2 Class (a.k.a Vibrational Medicine for Healing Self & Others)
Saturday, January 12, 2019 9:00AM-5:00PM

Join the “Shift DoctorsTracy and Marion from for an in-depth class that takes you down the rabbit hole to truly understand the Holistic Healing System that you are!

In this interactive class you will understand the layers of the multidimensional human, the flow of energy within that system (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etheric/Light Body, & Physical), and how each part of the system (along with environmental effects) create roadblocks to or pathways toward spontaneous healing.

You will understand the interplay of the body’s spiritual energy centers (chakras) and flow of energy throughout the body (energy meridians) – and how these unseen systems may be balanced to optimize mental, emotional and physical health! Learn to Self-Heal!!

You will learn LOTS of take-home tools and tips for using Color, Sound, Vibration, Toning, and Intention in various combinations for healing of self and others!!

~ Retreat Itinerary ~

At "The House on the Hill"

January 11-13, 2019 in Austin, Texas

Friday 7-10 PM

- ‘Multidimensional Healing’ Class 7-9pm  

- Group Qigong Healing   9-10pm 

Saturday Early AM

- Qigong / Energy Medicine practice to charge energies for day

(Only for people in residence)

Saturday 9AM-12PM

- Spiritual Anatomy Part I – Understanding Subtle Bodies and How Thoughts and Emotions Affect Health / How to Heal Imbalances

Saturday 1:30PM-5PM 

- Spiritual Anatomy Part II - Vibrational Healing (continuation of morning session)

- Closing Healing Circle

Saturday 7PM 

- After Dinner Group Meditation (Only for people in residence)

- Blood Cleanse Homework / Multidimensional Healing Practice

- Optional Individual Private Service Offerings (Additional Fees Apply/session)

Sunday Early AM

- Qigong / Energy Medicine practice to charge energies for day (Only for people in residence)

Sunday 9AM-11:30AM

(Only for people in residence)

- Practical Exercises / Tools for Daily Dharma, Rebalancing

- Protection of Energies from Psychic Attack

- Question & Answer Session

Sunday 12PM

- Checkout Time (Only for people in residence)

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