Happy Mothers Day and some TIPS to Shift Your Life!

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Happy Mother’s Day!
Honor your Mother today and every day. You can even decide to honor your own inner Divine Mother! Spring is a wonderful time for Shifting consciousness for Mothers – and for everyone!  Remember to remain connected to your True Essence by finding and doing activities that allow you to center and re-balance daily.
When we allow our self to connect with the Bright Light that is within us (our True Essence), we actually become more beautiful and radiant outside as well!!  We spend so much time and effort daily attempting to restore our physical beauty.  How much do we spend on beauty products a month to combat aging?
Try these inner AND outer beauty techniques… they REALLY WORK!
1.  Get aerobic exercise at least 3 hours a week to increase blood flow.
2.  Go to bed earlier. A good night’s sleep allows you to restore your neurotransmitters, your endocrine system and actually improves memory functions.
3.  Drink plenty of water to allow your energy to flow through your body as well as to release the toxins that builds up in your system daily from within and without.
4.  Eat dark chocolate. Wow!  It turns out that the University of Copenhagen researchers say that they found people who ate dark chocolate had fewer cravings than people who ate milk chocolate.  Dark chocolate’s bitter taste might help curb appetite because it has stearic acid, which slows down digestion and makes the stomach stay full longer.
5.  Regular meditation and breathing practices allow you to de-stress, allowing you to sleep better and find your inner peace. Both of these techniques help to decrease strain in your face- thus combating the production of wrinkles.
Still wanting the perfect gift for Mother’s Day for any woman in your life? Our second book (Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation) assists with transforming any limiting beliefs or patterns that keep a person from experiencing inner peace, joy and creating the life they truly desire to live.  It gives easy to use tools to transform feelings of anger, resentment, abandonment, heartache, guilt, shame, lack of self-love, stress, sense of powerlessness, and fear of the unknown. A portion of the sales of each book also goes to Habitat For Humanity.
If you have an interest in channeling spiritual art or just viewing some beautiful drawings check out our latest book  The Mystical World of Entura Art

We published a book at the end of 2016 ( Just translated into French), which includes some of our most comprehensive tools including how Color & Sound (vibrational healing) can be used to transform negative emotional patterns.  Bye-Bye Self Sabotage – Drop Your baggage Love Your Life is a must buy as well as our Vibrational Healing Series DVDs available in our Shift Store!

WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! All questions and comments are welcome and you can leave them at the ‘Ask The Docs’ page here at www.shiftyourlife.com. ☺

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you Mothers and Fathers- whether you be the nurturers of your children, other people’s children, or of wonderful animal companions (domesticated or wild)!
Keep  your Lights shining Brightly!
Tracy Latz, MD & Marion Ross, PhD (a.k.a. The Shift Doctors)
P.S.  Feel free to share these tips with your friends and colleagues!
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  1. Tracy and Marion,

    Thank you for your Mother’s Day tribute. I include those who have animal children or those always taking care of Mother Earth also as Mother’s we should celebrate today. Sometimes the epitome of what a Mother should be is a Mother pets or many other things. It is a day to give thanks to the female side of nurturting, giving and of unconditional love.



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  3. I really like following your blog as the articles are so simple to read and follow. Excellent. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

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