Fractals Of God- A Book Review


A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience

and Journeys into the Mystical

Kathy J. Forti, Ph.D.


Dr. Forti gives us an illuminating peek behind the scenes of her personal life story, spiritual evolution and metaphysical journey toward the development of the Trinfinity8 device, a tool for spiritual ascension that affects each person uniquely where they are on their own path of spiritual evolution. Through a series of potentially traumatic life events that included sexual assault, near death experiences and a multitude of barriers to creating her transformative device, Kathy persevered and grew by leaps and bounds in insight toward her life’s Purpose of awakening global consciousness. 

This book is a must-read for anyone who desires an inspirational read about how to overcome obstacles, see the bigger picture, and learn how to trust in their own inner wisdom against a multitude of odds. This book is an adventure where Kathy goes deeply into her journey of contact with multidimensional beings who desire to assist the human race to lift the veil of human suffering. She explains in simple terms the codes and algorithms ultimately involved in healing on all levels. All in all this book is a fascinating read that keeps you eagerly turning the pages to learn more.

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