FIONS Brunch on April, 11

Don’t miss this event if you are in New York!

Celebrate the 20th Year With Us!

This is a reminder to join us on Saturday, April 11 for a day full of reminiscences and celebration as FIONS celebrates its twentieth year. If you haven’t registered yet for the brunch or the presentation, please do so today!

The fundraising brunch with Astronaut and IONS founder Edgar Mitchell, and noted Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews will be held at an Upper West Side location, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. The cost is $150, and includes admission to the presentation on Crop Circles at 2:30 pm.

For reservations call, 212-580-7121 or for more information, call 212-864-8229.

At 2:30 pm, world-renowned crop circle researcher Colin Andrews will join Edgar Mitchell in a presentation titled, Conscious Circles: New Insights into Crop Circles. Andrews will provide evidence that there is much more behind the study of crop circles than meets the eye, and that the study of consciousness would be a more appropriate arena to set the new era of research.

He will talk about his efforts to re-boot/reset research into crop circles and UFOs, and highlight that we are entering a critical new period where facts and truth are imperative in the context of the meaningful evolution of humanity. His two most recent articles, published on his Web site,, have received a great deal of attention in various countries and will be the backdrop to the presentation.

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