Father’s Day, Imagination and The Power of Group Intention

Father’s Day is a day of celebration of our Fathers – or, if we did not have a great experience with our own father figures or male mentors, then it is a celebration of the concept of the Divine Male which we hold within each of us- expressed or unexpressed. Among the qualities of the Divine Male are Courage, Compassion, Strength, Honor, Integrity, Wisdom and Indomitable Spirit. When we come together on any specific day or any specific time to focus on and energize a concept, then we actually energize that quality within all human consciousness. In 2012 Father’s Day falls during the Balsamic Moon or Wishing Moon, the best time to Put Wishes On The Air (June 15th – 18th). It is also known as the Witch’s Moon, the best time  to Bring to Mind Those That Need Healing. Let’s ALL celebrate Father’s Day and may we all seek to express that which it embodies within our daily lives!!!

Imagination is the most powerful thing that we possess. It is the thought fueled by the intention (or emotional energy) behind it. That is why, if we have conflicting intentions/imagined things, the most powerful one will win out and be created… unless they are of equal value and then they may just cancel each other out and nothing happens.

Meditation studies have been done where, for instance, a group of thousands of people gathered in Washington, DC imagined/pictured/intended/meditated on peace; and the crime rate in DC went down significantly during the 10 days of gathering. That is the power of group intention. That is the importance of each of us SHIFT-ing out of old negative, reactive constructs or patterns in our lives.

It IS important to become aware of those “shadow aspects” (areas of darkness) in our selves and then to bring Light to that to transform it (rather than stuffing it down and burying it). That is why my co-author and I felt it was our purpose to write our first book “SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life. We noticed how so many people were not understanding the true power of creation that we all have as a God-given right of being human. It is important to become aware of the obstacles (by dancing in our ‘shadows’) we have each wittingly or unwittingly placed in our own path to creating heaven on earth rather than a personal hell of experiences.

We are, in fact, assisting with the continuation of creation from the time of “The Beginning”/Genesis/Original Creation. There is a piece of God creating through each of us in our life and on this earth. Unlike the archangels and angels, however, we are not directly impulsed by the will of God. We have been granted our own Divine Free Wellwe have the gift (or some might say the curse… grin) of CHOICE. We are very powerful in our choices. We choose and are responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

If we do not like what we created yesterday, then we have the chance to choose differently (or to imagine differently) today. How wonderful!! We learn from our choices… no matter what we choose.. we learn either who we truly are (our True Essence) or who we are not (the creation of our Trickster/Shadow energy). We are so loved no matter what we create. For how could God/Source/Universe/Spirit experience every aspect of creation if it were not for each of us creating a little bit differently from one another? It is all good ultimately… as strange as that may sound… as we all learn from one another. We are reflections of one another. If I am truthful, then is there not a shadow aspect inside of me that might not be unlike a Hitler or a shooter in a bell tower somewhere? When have we been a terrorist in our own life to our self, to others in our relationships or in the world? There is something for us to reflect on in everything that is out there in the world… yet if we send our energy to something and focus on it regularly, then we will further energize and fuel it. (Something to think about when we attend certain movies or watch certain tv shows, etc.)

The importance of reflection/meditation/prayer is to make certain that we remain connected to the awareness of who we are and where we come from… and to allow an impulse or connection to our purpose to flow into our life. And, yes, I believe that we each have both a personal and grander purpose in this wonderful universe that we live in… Smile. And we are so loved whether we just work on some personal issues here of if we also work on stepping into our grander purpose. If we do not SHIFT our own personal “stuff” (faulty thoughts or “sins” that do not resonate with the vibration of love and compassion that we each truly are as a piece of the Original creator), then we are often too wrapped up in drama, chaos and suffering that prevents us from being aware and stepping into what is on the wondrous grander scheme of things.

Become aware of the beautiful universes within you… and then become aware of the beautiful universes surrounding you! What a joy this journey is!!

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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  1. Great article! I truly believe in the power of meditation & reflection as it has been a very useful tool in raising my personal vibration & intuition! Peace & Blessing! Jwls1luv

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