Latest Past Events

Online Meetup: Past Lives Discussion & Art of Remembering Experience

The first part of this Meetup will be an online metaphysical discussion group. We will discuss 2 books (You MUST have read these books prior to joining the discussion): ***Many Lives, Many Masters ***by B. Weiss and Bringers of the Dawnby B. Marciniak. The second part will be experiential of the Art of Remembering with followup discussion - how can you become aware of the past lives where you felt very connected to your spiritual or metaphysical gifts and abilities? Join us!


Online Science of Crystals Class – How Crystals Work and Basic Uses for Healing

Crystals are not just 'woo woo'! There is a Science behind Crystals and a reason why they have continued to be used throughout centuries in all religious and spiritual groups! In this 2 hour class you will learn: The Science Behind How Crystals Work The History of Crystal use throughout human civilization The difference between a Crystal and a Rock How to use crystals to enhance your meditation practice How to connect with sacred sites or other Timelines with Crystals How to calm anxiety with crystals How to lift mood with crystals How to use crystals for protection of your…


Introduction to Entura Art Class in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona Sedona

Entura art (intuitive art) is the quickest way to powerfully awaken your intuition or take it to the next level! In this experiential class you will learn how to connect with the energies or soul of another person, pet, relationship, life circumstance, guides, spiritual beings, or places. All art is done with eyes closed and appears rapidly in only a few minutes - and the artwork continues to change over time to give you more information about the person, being or situation! Connect with the Sedona vortexes and see what they have to show you! Prepare to have fun -…