The Mystical World of Entura Art book delves into Invisible Worlds

The Mystical World of Entura Art book is available on Amazon in both paperback and digital formats!!

We are so excited to share Entura (intuitive) Art with the world!! It is a beautiful FULL COLOR 80 page book filled with artwork drawn with eyes closed following meditation.

The beauty of Entura Art is that it bypasses the barrier of language in that the ‘information’ appears in the movement, color, symbols, position and intensity that evolves in the artwork. (**Note: The book does NOT train you in how to do the artwork; it shows you the various examples of purposes and uses of the artwork.) Yes,  each individual piece of artwork changes and evolves on its own over time without any touchups or manipulation. This can be seen in both the original artwork and in photos of Entura Art. It will continue to show new information about the subject of the drawing.

Entura Art can assist in gaining insights into (with examples in the book from art by Tracy, Marion, and Entura art founder Patricia Hayes):

  1. Answers to questions about self or others (including pets, places, ancestors, loved ones – whether living or deceased, guides and religious or historical figures)
  2. Investigations into current or past events, accidents and illnesses
  3. Delving more deeply into metaphysical topics or teachings
  4. Deepening your connection to Pure Source and the invisible world and how they are moving in your life and the world.

Within the book are some examples of different categories of Entura Art. We share a sampling of our pieces with explanations. And we are delighted that Patricia Hayes (our mentor and the founder of both Entura Art and Delphi University) was excited to share some of her artwork involving advanced techniques developed after decades of channeling this process. Her work portrays examples of how it is possible to enhance pieces with the intention of drawing focus to particular aspects of the artwork in a purposeful manner for teaching purposes.

While the book does NOT teach you the modality, WE DO teach Entura Art classes (both introductory and advanced) in person to groups (contact us at if you have a group interested in booking) and we have an online Introduction to Entura Art class that teaches you the basics for those interested (and reasonably priced).

**Both “Shift Doctors” Tracy Latz and Marion Ross have been extensively trained in Entura Art by Patricia Hayes who is both mentor and friend to them. Shift Your Life®.com offers teachings in Entura Art as well as other modalities. Check out the YouTube interviews of Patricia Hayes on our Shift Your Life TV YouTube channel!

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